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May 2019

The new Sleeping With Sirens album is "completely finished" and coming soonish

For Kellin Quinn, "Music has always been about evolving and growing up"
Published: 5:27 pm, June 09, 2017
The new Sleeping With Sirens album is "completely finished" and coming soonish
The new Sleeping With Sirens album is “completely finished.” We’ll give you a minute to take that in.

“There’s always the typical feeling of, ‘this is the best body of work we’ve ever done’,” starts Nick Martin but “I’m not going to serve that stupid fucking answer.” This time around, the band are letting things be. “What I’ve been wanting to focus on with this record is not to hype it.”

Spending time away from the road for most of 2017, the band have spent the past few months finishing up their fifth album and now it’s just a case of getting back into the routine of playing shows and travelling again. ”It feels good to be into this right now,” adds Nick, backstage at Download Festival. “There’s always a back and forth. ‘I can’t wait to be back in the studio and writing’ and then a few months into that, ‘fuck, I just want to get back to touring.’ It’s one of the worst feelings knowing it’s all done and wanting to just present it to the world but we’ve got to sit on it,” he continues before Kellin Quinn grins. “It’s probably better we rehearse it first.”

Without Hype, Kellin just wanted this record to “focus on the songs”. Inspired by “going through the growing pains of my thirties,” it explores, “Not being a kid anymore and accepting the fact I’m an adult. I’ve got to be an adult.” There’s been some anxiety that came alongside it and Kellin is, “Just trying to come into my own as a thirty-one-year-old man. I’m not a little child anymore. There are so many bands that keep trying to cater to that younger fan forever. For me, music has always been about evolving, growing up and wanting to be where my heroes are. That’s what this record is for me.”

With September currently pencilled in as a possible release date, new music is coming, “soonish. That makes me nervous,” starts Nick before Kellin interrupts. “I’m not. We’re just excited to mature and be who we are now. That’s the most exciting thing. It’s scary to put out new music and to go somewhere different to where we’ve gone before but it’s exciting at the same time. We can finally be who we want to be.”

There are always plans to hit the road hard in support of s new record but with this one, “I want to tour our asses off until we can’t fucking walk anymore. I just want to go hard or not do it at all. We’re happy about it and that’s all I want to say about it. It’s perfect for the time we are in our lives, and we’re just excited to put it out.”

What else are Sleeping With Sirens excited about?

Nick: “If there are three bands to check out, it’s Vintage Trouble, Creeper and The Night Game.”
Kellin: “We went to see Vintage Trouble last night. It made me want to quit my band and start a new one.”

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