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May 2021

Never Not Nothing: "We're constantly experimenting"

The duo are having fun with an experimental new EP series.
Published: 10:17 am, March 17, 2021
Never Not Nothing: "We're constantly experimenting"

Following the recent-ish release of their self-titled debut album, Never Not Nothing have cracked on with an interesting new project, kickstarting a series of EPs full of experimentation and new ideas. One half of the duo, Space tells us more about what they're up to.

Hi Space, how's it going?

Hey Upset! It's going okay. We're staying busy in the studio, making things and inventing ways to continue being artists through a global pandemic.

Your new EP series sounds fun - where did the idea come from?

The Art Ritual EPs actually came from a lyric from our song 'Me.TV': "Make art like a ritual". We wanted to do a series of short-format releases which embodied this line. Rituals at their most subversive are often about regaining a sense of control and agency from the ruling classes. We wanted to make a start on manifesting a future we would like to inhabit. One with empathy and altruism at the core of our culture. We also wanted the freedom to experiment musically before finishing our second album.

Is the first EP already done and dusted, or is there still more to do?

The first EP is completely finished and ready for your ears. We are now hard at work finishing the second Art Ritual instalment.

What kind of experimenting have you been doing?

We have been allowing ourselves to treat each song as a work in its own right. Following the song to conclusion before moving on. This has led us down different paths, sonically and stylistically. Then there is constant usual studio experimentation. Plugging that into that, sampling that and reamping through this, sticking a mic there and singing like a pygmy choir. In all seriousness, we are constantly experimenting with our songwriting and production. Seeing how much or little we can get away with as a two-piece.

Has your work so far helped inform what you want your next album to sound like?
Yeah, we like to build our own language and culture into the vibe. Though what we have done so far may also define how the album won't sound. There is a constant temptation to rebel against your last work. For us, it tends to be a constant tussle between our optimism and despair. Should really try to level out! Haha!

When do you think the second EP of the series will arrive?

We will start revealing the songs from the second EP right after the first. They are really serving as a yellow brick road bridging the first and second record.

How have you found creating during the pandemic, has it impacted you much?

Ironically it has been hard finding a mental and physical space to be able to create. Space is something that we've all come to cherish over the last year.
The uncertainty, change and challenges this end have been pretty constant. But we are determined to use our creativity for positive ends.

You've been working on a film score for The Owners too, right? Can you tell us a bit about that project?

That was such a fun and intense experience. We isolated ourselves in a really remote barn in Dartmoor for two weeks to compose the score. Pretty much only seeing other humans on screen. The film has a small cast and is set in an isolated house, so it felt right. We always like to push things to the nth degree. We call it method music!

What else do you have coming up?

We have developed a socially-distanced show called Sonic Shock Therapy which is kind of wild. As soon as the world allows it, we are hoping to send it out to connect with people. We are also collaborating with lots of visual artists to create works to raise money for small regional charities and causes.

Taken from the April issue of Upset. Never Not Nothing's 'Art Ritual 001 EP' is coming soon.

April 2021
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April 2021

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