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September 2019

Nervus sign to Big Scary Monsters: "I asked them, and they said yes"

Vocalist / guitarist Em fills us in on the band's plans for the rest of the year. Watch this space.
Published: 11:30 am, June 19, 2017
Nervus sign to Big Scary Monsters: "I asked them, and they said yes"
It's great when a plan comes together, isn't it? Following the release of their excellent debut album 'Permanent Rainbow', Nervus had one label at the top of their list for its follow-up: Big Scary Monsters, home to touring buds Kamikaze Girls (coming soon to a venue near you), Sorority Noise, Modern Baseball and loads more Upset faves. It's a perfect hook up, and one that thankfully has come to fruition. Lovely.

Hey Em, how’s it going? Is life treating you well at the moment?
Great thanks! Yeah, it's good, my car passed it's MOT so things are going really well.

So you guys have signed with Big Scary Monsters - how did that come about?
I've been a big fan of a lot of the stuff they've put out and when we were thinking about labels for the second album they came straight to mind. Then I asked them, and they said yes. I wish there was more to it really, just for purposes of this interview.

You’re obviously about to head out on tour with Kamikaze Girls, but is there anyone else on the BSM roster you’re fans of?
So many bands! BSM have been putting out stuff I love for about ten years. Tubelord, Sam Isaac, Tellison, Blakfish, Into It Over It, Tiny Moving Parts, Modern Baseball, obviously Kamikaze Girls as well because their new record is incredible. Nearly all of them to be honest!

Are you ready for the tour? How do you prepare for stints on the road, and what do you do when you’re on the road but not on stage?
Yeah, we're ready! We've been in the studio this week tightening up and getting some new tunes down for the set. Generally, we'll start eating only Ginster's pasties and sleeping on the floor about a week ahead of the tour so our bodies are fully accustomed to living like human garbage by the time we actually get on the road. When we're on the road and not on stage we mainly listen to the Rocky 4 soundtrack, old Household Name Records bands, check out record shops, drink coffee... we're all pretty chilled out really.

"We decided at the beginning of the year to just be legends."

Does your new signing mean you’re about to start work on new music?
We've already written a new album! We're going into the studio in August to record. We're still going to be doing a lot of the engineering ourselves but Bob Cooper is going to be taking the reigns on the mixing and mastering, and we're really excited about it. The guy is a machine.

What did you learn from the release of ‘Permanent Rainbow’, anything useful for this next one?
Personally, I learnt that it's really, really difficult to try to do everything yourself. The process of actualising the record took quite a toll on me, to be honest, so I think having Bob involved will be really helpful - not only because he'll make it sound great, but because there's less risk of me burning out before we even start the touring part of the album cycle.

What do you view as being your next step, musically?
I think the approach is a lot more direct with the new material. There was a lot of stuff I felt I wanted to say but couldn't on Permanent Rainbow and the new material tackles a lot of that head on.

What else do you have going on this year, are you super busy?
After the Kamikaze Girls tour, we'll be in the studio, finishing off the new tracks and recording our album. Once that's done we're heading to the US to do Fest in Gainesville which is going to be amazing, and then finishing the year on some really cool shows that you'll find out about all in due time... I'm really excited about it. We decided at the beginning of the year to just be legends and do it, man. So we're doing it.

Nervus tour the UK with Kamikaze Girls from 20th June. Catch them at: Dundee - Conroy’s Basement (20th June); Edinburgh - Bannermans (21st); Leeds - Wharf Chambers (22nd); Ipswich - The Smokehouse (23rd); London - Sebright Arms (24th); Watford - White Lion (25th); Southampton - The Alex (26th); Brighton - The Hope & Ruin (27th); Portsmouth - Edge of the Wedge (28th); Cardiff - Buffalo (29th).

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