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Moose Blood’s second album will send them stratospheric

Moose Blood are set to drop their second album this year. After a debut that started strong and grew stronger, it should send them shooting for the stars.

Moose Blood’s second album will send them stratospheric


Moose Blood‘s second album will send them stratospheric

Moose Blood are set to drop their second album this year. After a debut that started strong and grew stronger, it should send them shooting for the stars. We chatted with the band’s Eddy Brewerton to find out how it was going as part of our 50 Amazing Things That Will Happen In 2016 series.

Words: Heather McDaid. Photos: Sarah Louise Bennett.

You know when you make an album with friends and it’s just good old fun? Then that album takes you and your band not only around the UK, but the US, festival circuits, and on the road with many, many brilliant bands? Granted, it’s not something many of us can relate to, but for Moose Blood, that’s life following ‘I’ll Keep You in Mind, From Time to Time’, and it’s a chapter for the band that is slowly coming to an end.

As fans move into the new year looking back on recently curated ‘end of year’ lists, they’ll sit and pinpoint those who’ll possibly make the cut in 2016, and it’s around now we’d start placing our bets: Moose Blood are on to something special.

Behind the mix of their songs that just get under your skin and embed themselves with ease and honest lyrics, is a passion for what they do and drive to make the most of every moment. When those elements collide there’s little to stand in their way – as shown by their astronomic 2015.

“It has been fantastic,” says Eddy Brewerton, on the past twelve months. “We honestly couldn’t have wished for any more. We have been so busy and we are so thankful for every opportunity that we have been given. We feel very lucky. Our first headline run was fantastic for us, our sets at Reading and Leeds, Slam Dunk and Warped UK… Spending the summer on Warped Tour was an incredible experience.”

“Hopefully people like the album as much as we do.”

To top that off, they recently played their first headline show in the US, which was a brilliant success, and have set their sights firmly on their second offering. “It’s crazy for us. To headline a show so far from home is amazing enough, but to sell it out on top of that just blew our minds. And spending a few weeks recording our second record in LA was a great way to start bringing the year to an end.”

That second album will earmark a lot of changes in the band – for one, their fanbase has justifiably grown, and now there’s an anticipation surrounding their next step. The tracking is already done, with mixing and mastering next on the cards, those finishing touches before it’s released into the world.

“This record came together a lot faster than the last and we had a little longer in the studio this time around. We have toured so much since the last record came out and I think that helped us become tighter as a band and play better as the four of us. I think that there is just a natural progression with these new songs and we are really proud of it.”

“We started putting a few ideas together when we had some spare time on tour over the summer, but it wasn’t until we got home that we started writing properly,” explains Eddy. “We really thought about the structures of these songs and spent a little more time going over parts in the studio to make them as good as they could be. We were lucky enough to work with Beau Burchell again and he really pushed us to put out the best work that we could.”

But while Moose Blood are pushing themselves and aiming higher and higher with their music, they remain firmly settled in their lyrical roots. It’s real to them, it’s about life as it happens, and that won’t change. Their lives can be laid bare in the music. “We write songs about our lives and things that have actually happened over the past year and a half. Relationships, family and everything else that comes with it is what inspires us the most. There are songs on this record lyrically that we really have just given everything to.

“We love what we do and want to do it as much as we can.”

“We wanted to be as honest as we could and I am really happy that we have done that. I think for us it is just a natural progression from the last record. This is the most proud of anything that we have been a part of before, so hopefully people like it as much as we do.”

While 2015 has been massive and 2016 will, assumedly, be of a similarly hectic standard with the album out, what rings clear is they remain humbled by the experience. At any given opportunity, how lucky they feel to have had these experiences comes through, how appreciative they are to people for giving them a chance.

“We honestly can’t believe the things we have done,” he says, not for the first, second or probably third time. “I don’t think any of us can really comprehend how lucky we have been. We say it a lot, but we really are so grateful for everything and we are just making the most of everything that we get to do.”

And that gratitude mixed with a love of what they do is why fans of the band will have a lot to look forward to in 2016, with no plans of sitting back and putting their feet up on the horizon. “We want to be as busy as we can,” says Eddy. “We will be putting out this new record and be touring as much as possible. We love what we do and want to do it as much as we can.” [icon type=”fa-stop” size=”icon-1x” ]

Taken from the January issue of Upset. Order a copy here.

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