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April 2019

Monarks premiere new video for ‘You Were My Fire’

"We wanted a fast-paced performance video," says frontman Sam Kinsella.
Published: 8:58 am, May 27, 2016
Monarks premiere new video for ‘You Were My Fire’
Monarks today (Friday 27th May) release their new single ‘You Were My Fire’ through Still Recordings via PIAS - and that’s not all they have in store. They also have a new video to share.

The Glastonbury-based group recorded the song at Red Bull Studios with producer Dan Austin; it follows on from their debut EP ‘The End’, which came out towards the end of last year.

Watch the new video below, first on Upset. Frontman Sam Kinsella has also taken some time out from watching It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia to reveal a bit more about the band’s upcoming plans…

Your new video for ‘You Were My Fire’ is out today - what you can tell us about the concept behind it?
We wanted a fast-paced performance video to match the intensity of the track, so you will see lots of choppy shots and some slo-mo to add to the drama of the track. Really it’s about us trying to get the feeling of our live performance across.

How did you find filming?
The filming process is usually long and ends in blood from me and Matt (bass) most of the time. Giving it your all over 40 takes to capture the different angles is very taxing! Always good to be busy though.

How do you think this single compares to the rest of your back-catalogue?
This single is more complete to us, it's more raw and energetic and we know how to get the most out of our songs in terms of arrangement now. Everything is the best that it can be on this track and also on the rest of our newly recorded tracks. Feels like we are ready now.

What’s the song about?
The song is essentially about wanting for those initial exciting moments and stages of a relationship, or wanting to rebuild it but not being able to, because you feel guilty for the wrongs that you've done.

You’re currently recording with Dan Austin - what are you hoping to get out of the sessions?
We have recently finished our initial recording sessions with Dan and the end result is this single and the next single that you will hear from us. I can't give enough credit to Dan and how he works, until you've worked with him in the studio I don't think you can understand how insanely talented the guy is. Dan is someone that we will definitely continue to work with.

Can you tell us anything about your plans for the rest of the year? You’ve got some festivals coming up?
We are playing 2000trees and Truck Fest so far. We're really excited to be playing alongside some of or new favourite acts such as Vant, Circa Waves and Twin Atlantic. We don't know what to expect from these festivals so we're really intrigued to see what the crowd sizes will be like!

Is there anything you’re especially looking forward to doing over the summer?
Writing more material, the change in season definitely brings a different vibe to the music that we write. Hopefully it won't be too long before we head off on another UK tour.

Monarks will play:

04 Plough Arts Centre, Devon

08 200trees Festival
15 Truck Festival

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