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Milk Teeth: “We’d like to put out a banging record next year”

Following two top-notch eps this year, Milk Teeth are (hopefully) going to put out a “banging” record in 2018.

Milk Teeth: “We’d like to put out a banging record next year”

Following two top-notch eps this year, Milk Teeth are (hopefully) going to put out a “banging” record in 2018.

Hey Becky, how’s it going?
I’m okay thanks. Just had some post work rum in ‘Spoons and now sat in front of the fire watching South Park 

You guys have had a great year – what’ve been your highlights?
Thank you! A personal highlight for me was our headline tour for the ‘Be Nice’ EP, we had so much fun and it felt like falling in love with being in a band all over again. The people that came out made those shows chaos in the best way. 

Have the EPs helped shape what you want to do with your next album at all?
Yes and no. I think we are always aiming to do better than whatever we’ve put out previously or if not better of the same then branch out and explore all the influences that formed this band and experiment. That’s what I love the most about milk teeth there’s room to move between a bunch of different genres and keep both us and fans on their toes. 

How far into planning for the record are you?
It’s at demo stage. We’ve got a good selection of songs to choose from – we tend to be working on songs all the time from the time the release previous was written, so it tends to span a couple of years the selection of songs that get put out. These EPs out right now I wrote two years ago primarily. The stuff for the album will be a year or so old by the time the record comes out, but it works. It’s good to reflect. 

What’ve you currently got in the diary for 2018?
We are returning to America for six weeks with Enter Shikari in January and February which is so exciting for us! We loved our first tour there in 2016, and we are all so excited to be back. Everything there is so different to Europe and the UK. It’s cool to have a change and play to a bunch of different fans too we don’t get to reach as often as we’d like. That and there will be recording for an album. 

What was your favourite album released this year?
Highlights have been Manchester Orchestra’s ‘A Black Mile To The Sun’, FOAM’s ‘Coping Mechanisms’, Charly Bliss’s ‘Guppy’ and Code Orange’s ‘Forever’.

If you could start a hot new trend for 2018, what would it be?
Bring greebo back! Them corduroy huge flares that soak up all the rain at the bottoms and get all raggy. I lived in those. 

Who do you think will be the biggest new band of 2018?
Hopefully us haha, so I can write full time instead of balancing it with a full-time job.

Where will Milk Teeth be over Christmas? Are you buying each other presents?
We will be home and scattered around the Stroud and London areas! We aren’t on tour this Christmas, last year we got back from the Against Me shows on Christmas Eve. It was surreal we felt like we missed all the Christmas build-up and just came home for the whole thing. We should do Secret Santa for each other. 

What would you most like to find in a Christmas cracker?
An invisibility cloak so I can fuck off for winter! 

What would you most like to do or achieve in 2018?
Put out a banging record I’m proud of and keep touring; we’d love to get over to Asia and Australia, that’s next on the list. 

Taken from the December 2017 / January 2018 issue of Upset, order your copy below.

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