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June 2020

Milk Teeth are getting ready for Slam Dunk: "I'll be there with cider in hand, running around and exploring"

The band are working on new music, too.
Published: 10:39 am, March 07, 2019Words: Jamie MacMillan.
Milk Teeth are getting ready for Slam Dunk: "I'll be there with cider in hand, running around and exploring"

Becky Blomfield and co. are among the latest acts confirmed for this year's Slam Dunk - and Milk Teeth are gearing up for an exciting year, she says.

Hey Becky, let's talk Slam Dunk!

Yeah! We played there once, two years ago and it was super fun.

What makes it stand out as a festival for you?

I used to go all the time anyway, even before I was in a band - I used to go to the one that was Wolverhampton, and then became Birmingham. I feel like the line-up is always really strong, they get a good mixture of US and UK artists which I think is really cool. I think it's exciting that a lot of bands that play, we might not necessarily get to see all the time as they only come over to play the festivals.

What was the best line-up that you saw there?

2017, when we played too. Turnover played, and we had been on tour with them that year, and it was like a big reunion. I watched Against Me! that year, it was amazing seeing them. Another time, it was the first time I'd ever seen Cancer Bats. I dragged my best friend along; I was like "I have to see them!" They played this teeny tiny stage indoors, and it was like me and ten other dudes, proper metal-heads, one of my favourite moments ever actually.

Seeing them in a tiny room is wild!

Yeah, I saw them last year in London too, they're awesome.

What about this year? Anyone you're excited to see?

Yeah, I'm excited to see the Mad Caddies because I feel like everyone my age went through a teenage Mad Caddies period. I've never seen Trophy Eyes before; I'm interested in seeing them live after listening to them.

Will you be hanging around to watch the whole thing?

Oh yeah, I fucking hope so. I'll be there with cider in hand, running around and exploring. It's the dream world, having the luxury to play and also go watch bands.

Enough about the other bands, let's talk about Milk Teeth. You described last year as negative for a variety of reasons, but with the ‘Stain' release, the Enter Shikari tour and now these announcements, how are you feeling?

I am very, very excited to see what the year brings. I have a lot I'm working on behind the scenes. I've quit my job, I'm just immersing myself completely into writing the next record for now. So I don't have much money, but I'm in music full-time which is nice. I can't wait for people to hear it [the new music], because it's like a collection of stuff I've been working on for the last year or two, and obviously a lot of stuff did happen last year that gives me more to write about.

Will we get to see the record this year?

Yeah, definitely. If it takes any longer, I think I'm gonna lose my mind!

I guess now you have to wait for Em because of Nervus' tour?

Yeah, that's the only thing. We're juggling dates all the time, it's kind of exciting, and we both play 2000 Trees this year so she's gonna be playing double sets. I feel like she's equally committed to both bands, and they're both completely different so it's exciting for her to throw herself into one thing and then come to us an do something a bit different.

Is she well organised? Or do you have to remind her which band she's playing?

It's really smooth. She's really exciting to write with, she helps me with all the crazy, tangled mess of intricacy that are my ideas. It's refreshing to have somebody that you can give music to, all stripped back, and both her and Oli are able to make some magic.

Is ‘Stain' a good example of what's to come?

I feel like people are going to be surprised, it's going to be different to the EP's. I wrote them at 24, I turn 28 next month - obviously I've grown up and seen different things. I love them and I'm proud of them, but they didn't come out necessarily the way I would want to. Hopefully, it's not so much of a change that I think people will be on board. It's an exciting time.

The reaction to ‘Stain' must validate your ideas though?

It went down a lot better than I thought it would. It's slightly heavier, darker, not the happiest of songs.

Does it feel like a whole new band?

It does, yeah. Even little things like how we look after each other. Em's really taken care of me and Oli after a really hard time. It's just great having someone who gives a shit about you as a human being.

Where else can we see you play this summer?

We are touring with PUP in April which is gonna be awesome. We are playing Mad Cool, and 2000trees too.

Taken from the March issue of Upset, out now. Slam Dunk takes place from 25th-26th May.

March 2019
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