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November 2020

Mayday Parade: "It just seemed like the best thing that we could do"

The band have just put out a brand new, three-track EP.
Published: 8:58 am, November 11, 2020Words: Alex Bradley.
Mayday Parade: "It just seemed like the best thing that we could do"

Two years on from the release of 'Sunnyland', Mayday Parade have returned with a new, three-track, EP.

Titled 'Out of Here', the EP includes the first tracks completed for the Florida band's seventh studio album which was scheduled for release this year, but subsequently pushed back following the complications created by the coronavirus pandemic.

Not to be deterred by the derailment to their plans and with the same optimism that shone through 'Sunnyland', Derek Sanders and Co elected to make the best of the situation and put out these three new tracks now.

He explains, "There are so many things we can't do right now, but we can put out some new music, and maybe that makes some people happy."

The three tracks are a fantastic teaser for what is to come from the next Mayday Parade record with each one appealing to a different faction of the band's style from the scream at the top of your lungs euphoric, the punchy and direct to the more tender and heartfelt.

"We've never done a three-song EP before, but there's something about the energy of all three of them that I feel like is kind of well-rounded.

"You've got 'I Can Only Hope' which is kind of a slower ballad / sad song at the end, and 'First Train' and 'Lighten Up Kid' both have this fun anthemic energy to them. They kinda feel nice together, and it just seemed like the best thing that we could do, considering the way everything has gone."

The trio of tracks comes from a shortlist of about six songs that are ready for the band's next album, which Derek says the band are "anxious" to get back into the studio and complete. At the moment, the idea is for Mayday Parade to return to the studio before the end of 2020 and have an album ready to release come next summer, "but it really depends on so much," the singer reasons.

For a person who battles so hard to remain positive for the sake of their own wellbeing, the uncertainty around Mayday Parade's release has been particularly tough on Derek, it seems.

"It's a pretty big bummer of a year, for sure," he admits. "I am very anxious a lot of the time, with so many things. Obviously, the pandemic is at the top of the radar, but there's just so much all happening at once this year, it feels like we're headed in a crazy direction."

"My brain is just all over the place, it's hard to know even what to write about"
Derek Sanders

With so much going on, the singer is first to concede the toll it has taken on his creativity too, adding, "I feel like my brain is just all over the place and it's hard to know even what to write about, and lyrically it's a little bit slower to pull it all together."

In the meantime, Derek and the band found ways to keep themselves busy, releasing a cover of The Beatles' 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' with members of The Maine, Grayscale, We The Kings, Knuckle Puck and Dan Lambton formerly of Real Friends. The band also hosted 'The May Day Show' which featured 8 hours answering fan questions and talking with more friends including members of State Champs and Four Year Strong as well as playing music. It's the resilient, selfless and caring approach that they're known for in their music being carried out in real life, to ensure that Mayday Parade have been there as a support to other bands and their fans while the world struggles on this year.

The positive, feel-good, message that Derek has been trying to share even showed up in Knuckle Puck's new album '20/20', where the singer appears on the single 'Breathe'. The experience of cameoing on a track has left the singer more than open to having some guests on future Mayday Parade releases.

He reveals, "We don't do a lot of the featuring-our-friends thing, and I'd love to, [on] the next full-length, even do a handful of them; maybe have 4 or 5 people because why not?

"It's such a nice thing, and it could add a lot to a song, but also it's cool to see that camaraderie, and to bring two fan-bases that might have a lot of crossover, but also might not in some cases and bring those people all in. It's just a neat thing, so we might try and do some more of that." 

Taken from the November issue of Upset. Mayday Parade's 'Out Of Here' EP is out now.

November 2020
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November 2020

Featuring iDKHOW, Laura Jane Grace, Black Foxxes, Salem and more.

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