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November 2019

Love is dead, and Doll Skin killed her

Make way, Arizonan quartet Doll Skin are coming through. Nicole, Alex, Meghan and Sydney introduce their band as they drop their new album.
Published: 10:20 am, June 28, 2019
Love is dead, and Doll Skin killed her

Let's be clear, Dear Reader. Doll Skin aren't a band who are prepared to stick to the walls and keep their heads down. As they drop their new album, 'Love Is Dead And We Killed Her', they've perfected a rambunctious strain of gloriously noisy angry rock. With - by their own admission - "no tracks relating to being in love", it's a record that's going straight for the throat. Basically exactly what we love the most, then. We caught up with Nicole, Alex, Meghan and Sydney to find out more.

Hey guys, how’s it going?
Hey there! We’re doing pretty okay. Currently sitting at a Target for two hours because one of our tires popped and the car’s about to be worked on so. Here we are!

‘Love Is Dead And We Killed Her’ is quite an angry name isn’t it, are you guys ok?
I think so. Thanks for asking. It’s an angry title because it’s an angrier album. We took the love songs out of the equation. There are no tracks relating to being in love on this record. It’s quite liberating, actually.

Was it fun to make? It must be great to perform live.
That’s a loaded question! We experienced every emotion possible while making this record. We had to change our entire usual writing process for this because we realised that, after spending quite a few months brainstorming and coming up with a few ideas, we needed a little extra help. We normally don’t let anyone else assist in the writing portion of our songs, but on this go around, we had the assistance of Will McCoy and Mike Green to guide us. It was a blessing that we learned to accept over time. It’s okay to get help, even on a new album. We’ve only played one of our new songs live so far, and we’re adding a few to our set for our upcoming tour. We’re FRIGGIN’ EXCITED.

Did you have a strong vision for the album when you first began work on it?
We definitely did not in the beginning, but once we came up with the vision, it was smooth sailing from there. It took us a while, but it worked out in the end!

What’s your favourite track on it? ‘Don’t Cross My Path’ is probably our fave.
Nicole: 'No Fear'.
Alex: 'When They Show Their Teeth'.
Meghan: 'Don’t Cross My Path'.
Sydney: 'Don’t Cross My Path'.

"It’s an angry title because it’s an angrier album"
Doll Skin

What would be the ingredients for the perfect Doll Skin song?
A few animal sounds, wind chimes, a gong, a baby screaming, and a fifteen-minute gap in the middle of the song where there’s no music at all... just the sound of a mouth harp.

Do you ever get friends or family asking you if a song is about them?
We’ve had a few of our moms ask if ‘Daughter’ is about them. It’s not about any of our moms. They are too precious and deserved the nicest songs. We’ve had some of our ex-significant other’s THINK that one of our tunes were about them, but that’s on them and not us.

How did you end up signing with Hopeless Records?
Eric Tobin from Hopeless Records reached out to us while we were on last year’s Warped Tour. He made it his mission to get us on the label, and we are forever grateful. It was under wraps for almost a year, and we were super ecstatic to announce it just recently!

What else are you up to this year? You’re coming to the UK soon, right?
We have a lot going on this year! We head out to go on a US tour with New Found Glory, Real Friends, and The Early November in a week. Our album drops on 28th June. Then in September, we’re doing a Europe/UK run with Trash Boat and Capstan!

Have you spent much time over here before? Any fave hangouts?
We looooove the UK! The people are always so friendly, the bands are crazy talented, and the shows are a great time. Fave hang out: Wetherspoons!

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