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Lonely The Brave: matter of fact

With album two, Lonely The Brave are perfectly clear. Everything matters.

Lonely The Brave: matter of fact


Matter of fact

With album two, Lonely The Brave are perfectly clear. Everything matters..

Words: Steven Loftin.

‘Things Will Matter’. Certainly a statement true of life, and a more than apt title for the second record from Cantabrigians Lonely The Brave. Having found success with ‘The Days War’, which reached Number 14 in the Official Albums Chart, the band are seeking to continue this triumph. Fuelled by the tribulations and experiences their debut brought, in the sessions for ‘Things Will Matter’ Lonely The Brave ensured they unlocked every one of these moments and poured them into their next move.

Following their initial time in the spotlight, they gained both critics as well as fans. “People were really kind about the first album which is great, but I think after we’d sort of been chewed up by the industry, spat out and then got back into it. You know, you get a bit of a harder skin,” explains drummer Gavin ‘Mo’ Edgeley. “We’re not a cocky or boasty band that would ever expect anything easy, or on a plate you know, we’re all like pretty sensitive individuals… We didn’t really look at the first album and feel like we had to emulate it in any sort of way.”

“We just had to grow up.”

Lonely The Brave are, in a word, epic. Large soundscapes lay a canvas for singer David Jakes to roar above. “I think with our sound and where we are as musicians, you’re always going to know it’s us. It’s not a 100% complete departure, but… we just had to grow up and sort of plough on through the industry, settle down and write a record that we were happy with.”

“We’ve all kind of been through the mill, had personal things going on, that have been quite bad,” he says, touching on their frame of mind. “Personally for me, the last two years while we were writing and touring and stuff I was basically I was out five or six nights a week, not looking after myself and partying pretty hard; and had the death of an ex-girlfriend which hit really hard, and I’m sure it’ll all come out through the album.

“On the other hand it’s just given me a life that I could never have expected, you know, just being able to sit in a van and drive around Europe and play shows and things like that. It’s a really bittersweet album because I’ll remember it both ways. Everybody has those experiences and we’re as bad as the next person when it comes to dealing with our problems in a way that is ultimately quite bad for yourself, but you come out the other side of it and you’re still here, what more can you do?”

Of course, there’s little that makes musicians more vulnerable than baring all on record. “Initially you just hope that people like it, if they do that’s going to be amazing – and if they don’t… it’ll just be something we’ll have to deal with, I guess,” Mo starts. “You put yourself up there, don’t you? You put your best choice of songs out there. That’s your legacy. Half of me is like, ‘fuck what anybody else thinks!’ The other is like, ‘I hope they like it’. But that’s natural!”

Track selection is no small task. On his favourites, Mo offers: “‘What If You Fall In’, which is quite progressive for us. There’s that one, and there’s another one called ‘Jaws of Hell’ which has been kicking around for quite a while, which I was really glad made the final cut and I did actually have a little cry in the car a while back when I was listening to that.” As for the process itself? “I think we had about 15 songs, or maybe 16, for the record. 10 or 12 I was like, ‘Please let that make it!’ Luckily everyone was on the same page.”

Lonely The Brave
“We’re not a cocky or boasty band that would ever expect anything easy.”

With their tour imminent, one thing is for certain – Lonely The Brave aren’t quick to forget the loyalty of their fans. “After every single show, all of us go out and meet people – and it’s not really for any sense of gratification, it’s to thank people for coming. It’s important for us to go out and do that because we are just a bunch of normal dudes that just got really lucky. We’ll always go out and meet people, because they pay money to come see us, which is absolutely mind-blowing for us. We’d be nowhere without those people who buy records.”

It’s moments like these that make a band go from good to great, showing they can withstand anything thrown at them – and proving to their fans that they are worth believing in. It’s this ethos that stands so clearly within ‘Things Will Matter’. “It’s just everything does matter in the end, no matter if you think it doesn’t, it’s – you know – everything in life. All your family, and everything like that, are at the forefront of your mind. That’s our thinking really: learning that everything does matter even when you think it doesn’t.” [icon type=”fa-stop” size=”icon-smallsize” ]

Taken from the May issue of Upset. Order a copy here. Lonely The Brave’s new album ‘Things Will Matter’ is out now.

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