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Lonely the Brave: “The focus is now on album three”

Have you checked out their new Redux album yet?

Lonely the Brave: “The focus is now on album three”

Lonely The Brave have just released a new version of their latest album, ‘Things Will Matter’ – ‘Things Will Matter (Redux)’. It features reworked versions of each track on the original album, including highlights ’Diamond Days’ and ‘Rattlesnakes’. Guitarist Mark Trotter explains how it all came together.

Hey Mark, it’s been a while, hasn’t it – how are you guys? Have you had a good summer?
You know, it has been a while. How are we? I think we are okay thank you. How are you? Summer has been quite bizarre really as we made the conscious decision to take this year off from the perspective of playing live. We have hit it so hard for the last four years that it seemed like the right time to take a step back and take stock of what is going on, both in our personal lives and as a band.
How are you guys feeling now a year or so on from ‘Things Will Matter’? Has your relationship with the album evolved over that time?
That album is a rollercoaster for me. I’m still very proud of it, but if I hear it on the off chance now, I would have done some things differently. I would have spent more time getting certain aspects closer to where I expected in my head. It was a very odd time for us when we recorded that record. We had just fallen out with our last label and were dealing with the turmoil that brings. The situation definitely affected the sound of the record. 
You did a few redux versions of tracks from your debut too didn’t you, what is it about this style of release that appeals to you?
The idea that a song has no definitive form is appealing. We are into such different music, so it is really refreshing to approach some of our tracks with a different mindset and see where that takes them.

How do you go about putting something like this together? Did you already have a few ideas for things you wanted to try?
Ross, Bush and I spend a large amount of time messing around with the arrangements and instrumentation of the tracks at my home studio, which we then transferred to the studio properly over several different sessions spanning a six month period from memory. The disjointed approach to timescales and recording doesn’t suit me well though I have to say. You can lose the flow of what you’re doing. Maybe that could add to the overall sound as well, but it certainly doesn’t make for an easy working environment.
Does this more experimental kind of release make you want to experiment further, or does it have the opposite effect of getting those ideas out of your system? 
I think the two sides of our band (redux and full-on rock band mode) become ever more intertwined – maybe one day there will be no gap, and they will be one and the same, we shall see. I try not to think how it will pan out and just let it happen.
Are there any of the new versions that you’re particularly fond of?
I’m glad that ‘Things Will Matter’ will finally be getting a proper release. We have had that track for as long as I can remember. It’s actually hidden on one of the first EPs we ever did!
Did you produce much new material during your studio time, or were you focused on this release?
We solely focussed on the Redux record. The focus is now on album three. 

So where next for you guys?
That’s a really good question, and honestly, I’m not sure of the answer. We have some hurdles to overcome but that aside the focus will now be album three. It needs to be a record that steps up and pushes us forward as a band from where we have been. It can’t be rushed, it needs to be right, and it needs to be special. This will take time.

Taken from the November issue of Upset, out now. Lonely the Brave’s album ‘Things Will Matter (Redux)’ is out now.

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