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State Champs give Reading Festival the business

Business with a capital B. And some exclaimation marks.

State Champs give Reading Festival the business

You know when a band come on stage to a Backstreet Boys X House of Pain combo, they mean business. State Champs mean business. They talk of Reading’s iconic status from the start, and they savour every moment opening the main stage.

‘Elevated’ riles early arrivals, newer song ‘Perfect Score’ goes down a treat, and ‘All You Are is History’ is a screecher of a singalong. As if they knew it was rude to play blistering pop punk in bad weather, the clouds shifted for the duration, where they could perfectly soundtrack a day in the sun. They command the eager and drowsy alike, and no one can help but be caught up in the buzz.

Technical hitches hold them up a little bit, and there is a little bit of babbling to try fill the void by Derek DiScanio in the meantime, but by the time ‘Secrets’ comes around to close the set, their fate is sealed. Pop punk fun in the sun, and the day is set off in fantastic fashion.

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