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Live: All Time Low give London a reason to be excited

New blood, new album, same old excitement.

Live: All Time Low give London a reason to be excited

Whatever the arena, All Time Low continue to provide timeless escape. Sure, it’s only been six months since their last show proper but the band inspire excitement whatever the occasion. And tonight at Hammersmith Apollo, as the band prepare to launch their seventh album, there’s even more reason for to be excited.

But before that, it’s the turn of the new blood. Waterparks deliver their short set to a completely packed Apollo with the early crowd erupting for them almost as much as they would for the headliners later. While the vocal levels were an issue, it didn’t stop the Texas trio from owning the stage and using every inch of it with supreme hyperactivity. SWMRS also receiving a chaotic reaction from the crowd. Powering through their set they paused for a moment to remind everyone that learning to think for themselves is the only way to fight fascism. Naturally, this led to ‘Drive North’ cut ‘Miley’ which pays homage free thinking.

With the support acts having suitably stirred the crowd into a frenzying throng the electricity in the air for All Time Low was palpable. Launching things off with ‘Kicking and Screaming’ and moving swiftly into ‘Weightless’, it’s a succinct barrage of what they do best – pop punk packed with both meaning and fun.

Focusing mostly on tracks from ‘Future Hearts’, the band know their audience. That’s not to say the deeper cuts such as ‘Six Feet Under The Stars’ from 2007’s ‘So Wrong, It’s Right’ aren’t still met with ferocity but the familiarity the crowd offers comes from those this side of 2010. Through all the fun, there was still time for a more tender moment during ‘Nothing Personal’ cut ‘Therapy’ where frontman Alex Gaskarth took to the stage solo before five thousand mobile torches lit up the darkened Apollo and their owners singing along in perfect synchronicity.

As the final chords rang out around the barraged Apollo, the atmosphere refused to wane, exactly as it has done for the last fourteen years of their career. All Time Low are seeing the stages getting bigger, the crowds getting wilder and the best part? We’re all still excited.

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