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May 2021

Lauran Hibberd: "I basically just want to be Green Day, but I also wanna wear fluffy clothes"

Slacker pop has a new frontrunner.
Published: 10:01 am, November 16, 2020 Photos: Sarah Butler.
Lauran Hibberd: "I basically just want to be Green Day, but I also wanna wear fluffy clothes"

Every single one of Lauran Hibberd's tracks is 10/10 great - charming, observant and witty, with hooks for days. Inspired by bands like Green Day and Weezer, she has a real knack for creating songs to obsess over. With a new EP on the way and plans for her debut album taking shape, it's a very exciting time.

Hi Lauran! How are you, what are you up to today?

Yo! I'm great thanks (corona free, thankfully). I recorded a music video in Brighton yesterday, so today has consisted of sending cool outfits back to asos (I kept the tags in lol) and finding places around my house for random props. I also put vocals on a new demo, I screamed a lot, so my neighbours love me!

You grew up on the Isle of Wight, right? Are there many opportunities over there for up-and-coming musicians?

Yes, I did! Um, you'd think not, but you'd be surprised with Bestival and Isle of Wight festival on your doorstep. There's always been a platform for local musicians there. I won a comp about five years ago to open main stage at Bestival, and that was sick! Apart from that, the ferry companies do well out of me haha! The local scene is strong though, there's not much else to do so we all start bands.

Are you still based there now?

Yes, I am as we call it here a true caulkhead (born and raised on the Isle of Wight). It's a pretty cool place to be honest, especially for writing. AND the views don't suck at all.

What inspired you to start making your own music?

Honestly, a lack of other interests made me start picking up an instrument. I was sort of thinking, I gotta find my thing, or I'll end up turning 18 and not knowing what I'm up to. SO, after trying and failing at multiple other hobbies (karate etch, aha) I landed on singing, playing guitar and eventually writing songs. I was big into folk at the time and loved analysing lyrics, so it came quite naturally.

Can you remember the first song you wrote?

Yes, and oh my god is it cringey!? It was called 'Better Days', and it was about the world going crazy, subconsciously influenced by 2020 perhaps. It only had like two chords, but it was probably 7 minutes long. (I made my mum listen to it like 100 times.)

How would you describe your vibe?

Ironic. I am super dry humoured, and I basically just want to be Green Day, but I also wanna wear fluffy clothes and look cute. It's a cool amalgamation, I have decided.

What was your time like at music college? Would you recommend it?
Yeah, it was fun, definitely better than school, so I was stoked. I would recommend it, yeah. I met some great people. But it's not for everyone. I learned a lot there for sure, but I learned a hell of a lot more by trying and failing and trying again afterwards. You can't teach the music industry, unfortunately.

Did you launch straight into your music career from there?

Yes! As soon as I turned 18 and finished my course, I threw everything at it, as well as working part-time at a hair salon. I wrote loads, I gigged loads, I found a manager, sacked a manager and got a different manager. I've been on a learning curve for as long as I can remember, but I've had and am still having a good time with it.

Have you travelled much? Where's the most exciting place you've played a gig?

Definitely! Done a lot of touring now, European as well, which is amazing fun. I've always wanted to travel but never without a purpose, so it's a great way to see places and see places fast. I'll stop remembering cities for the famous monuments and start recalling the dressing room colour, the venue name and what the catering was like. I always love playing in Paris, but Copenhagen is my personal favourite.

Do you have a favourite out of the songs you've released so far?

I think 'Old Nudes' is my favourite. It really drops hints at the sign of things to come musically for me, and leans in to a bolder direction. I'm basically a Weezer tribute band.

We hear you have new music on the way, what's coming up?

OH YES! I am so excited, ahhhh. I have never felt like this about up and coming releases before. I feel like I'm sitting on a hot pan. I have new singles, a new EP and I'm writing my album, so things are pretty exciting.

What do you think 2021's going to look like?

Hopefully corona free, and gigs galore! I want to get out to LA to record my album as well. So, anything more other than lockdown would be amazing.

Taken from the November issue of Upset.

November 2020
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November 2020

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