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March 2021

Kid Kapichi: "You're often looking to the next big thing, and you forget to look at how far you've come"

The band tell us all about their long-awaited debut, and appreciating your achievements. 
Published: 2:17 pm, February 05, 2021 Photos: Alice Denny + Kamila Cwiklinska.
Kid Kapichi: "You're often looking to the next big thing, and you forget to look at how far you've come"

This time next year, we'll be millionaires! If there's one thing you could never accuse Del Boy of, it's a lack of optimism. The past year, however, well - that's a different story. It's something Hastings bunch Kid Kapichi are throwing themselves into with their debut album, 'This Time Next Year' - a bright, cheerful beacon of hope in an otherwise bleak landscape. Vocalist and guitarist Jack Wilson fills us in.

It's debut album time then, when did you start piecing the record together?

We went full-throttle on the album in March 2020. There wasn't much else to do as you can imagine, but I guess it had been building up to it for a few months before then. We had already been thinking about songs and vibes for the album, but we attacked it head-on in the spring.

What was your mindset like going into it?

Well, it was a tricky one. It's safe to say, none of us thought we'd still be in the same situation on the turn of the new year, so I guess we were hopeful and optimistic, and we still are I suppose.
At the time we just thought, look we're never going to get a golden opportunity (time-wise) like this ever again. So let's make this album the best we can possibly make it. I think I speak on behalf of all of us when I say, we all agree it's a better piece of work as a result.
Not to mention it gave us loads to stew on and write about.

How did you decide which of your songs made the cut, and which didn't?

I think we thought we had the album wrapped up 3 or 4 times before we actually shut the door on it.
We would have a load of tunes, then write one more, fall in love with it and have to bump one of the previous ones off. That probably happened to half the album. As time stretched on, we decided to say enough is enough and stop writing for that particular album. I think we would have kept going forever otherwise.

The album title isn't an Only Fools and Horses reference, then?

It is as much as it isn't. In a literal sense, we all were wondering where we'd be this time next year. Where the band will be, and where it would have been. It's also a mindset we can all fall into. A glimmer of hope that tomorrow will be better than yesterday. But it can be a toxic mentality. As musicians, you're often looking to the next big thing, and you forget to look at how far you've come. I imagine that's the same for most walks of life and professions.
Plus we love Only Fools and Horses, so that was an added bonus.

"The light at the end of the tunnel isn't too far off now, we hope"
Jack Wilson

You did pretty much everything yourselves, right? Did you pick up those skills out of necessity, was it about retaining control, or do you just really enjoy every aspect?
Literally all three of those things in perfect harmony. We owe a lot to Ben Beetham (co-vocalist and guitarist ). He's been quietly working away on production and recording. We always did our own demos, and over time they became pretty decent. So we talked about recording our own stuff, we just didn't think it'd be our debut album, so that'd be the necessity side of things. Retaining control was also a big big plus for us. We love working with different people, but we had such a clear idea in our heads for the debut, that cutting out the middle man would probably prove beneficial. We hope everyone else agrees when they hear it.

Did you consider delaying the record due to the pandemic? It's put a lot of bands in tough spots.

We secretly did delay it. It was meant to be out in September 2020. We just kept that on the down-low.
It's been a really tough time for all bands. Luckily we have a great team around us, and we've managed to keep our heads above water, and we hope that everyone else is managing to get by also. The light at the end of the tunnel isn't too far off now, we hope.

How's social-distancing gonna affect your upcoming tour do you think?

We genuinely have no idea. We keep asking our agent and manager, but nobody knows still. We have two sold-out socially-distanced shows at the De La Warr Pavillion [in Bexhill-on-Sea] near our hometown for the album release. We're planning on booking a lot more similar things to that, but how the tour is going to go down during this whole thing, we're still not 100% sure. But as soon as we find out, everyone else will be told immediately.

Are there any ideas you've had to pull back because the pandemic has meant they're just not possible?

Touring wise yes. Travel has been basically impossible, so the places we wanted and planned on visiting have had to take the shelf for the time being. Some cool support slots etc. have had to wait, but the time will come.

How far ahead do you lot plan, do you already have ideas for album two milling about?

We've already started writing album two. We already have a strong idea of how we want it to sound and the production. I don't know if that's abnormal or not. It's always onto the next thing. I guess with an album, it takes such a long time to come to fruition, you have to start mega early. But yeah we definitely plan a lot ahead, that's why the pandemic has been so hard, because it makes planning pointless. So now we're double planning for the alternatives and plan Bs.

What do you most enjoy writing songs about?

Genuine experiences from ourselves and the people around us. The angry songs are normally the most fun and the easiest to write. It's cathartic.
I guess lyrically my favourites are the ones that make people come up to us and say, 'that's exactly how I've felt but didn't know how to say it'. Those are the best.

What else have you got coming up, are you booked in for many festivals?

We're booked to play 2000trees, with a bunch more to be announced.

Taken from the February issue of Upset. Kid Kapichi's debut album 'This Time Next Year' is out 5th February.

February 2021
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February 2021

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