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Irresistible: Fall Out Boy’s long standing romance with Hip-Hop

‘Make America Psycho Again’ isn’t the band’s first foray into this world. In fact, they’ve something of a history with the genre.

Irresistible: Fall Out Boy’s long standing romance with Hip-Hop

Fall Out Boy are pulling a half-Beyoncé by releasing their ‘Make America Pyscho Again’ remix album this Friday (30th October) with very little notice. That’s not the most surprising aspect, though. In recruiting the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Azealia Banks, Joey Bada$$ and a host of others to put their own stamp on the band’s music, the record should further twist what people expect from Fall Out Boy. It also throws some serious shade at Donald Trump’s election motto of “Make America great again,” which is fun.

Before you get out your genre-bashing sticks at the ready, ‘Make America Psycho Again’ isn’t Fall Out Boy’s first date with hip-hop. While we’re yet to see Pete Wentz freestyle or Andy Hurley spit some bars, there’s a long-standing romance there.

From touring with the likes of Professor Green, Wiz Khalifa and 50 Cent through to their musical collaborations and influences, Fall Out Boy love the hippity hop. Here’s a run through of that collaborative admiration.

‘This Ain’t A Scene, It’s an Arms Race (Kanye West Remix)’

Before Kanye West was the World’s Greatest Living Rockstar, he was a really great rapper. Teaming up with Fall Out Boy for a remix of ‘This Ain’t A Scene, It’s an Arms Race’, the track was originally meant for inclusion on ‘Infinity On High’ but it wasn’t ready in time.

Best Bit:  Kanye West admitting, “Now I don’t know what the hell this song is talking ‘bout/ Do you?”

‘This Ain’t A Scene, It’s an Arms Race (Kanye West Remix, Remix)’

Alongside the official Kanye West remix, a leaked remix of the remix featuring Kanye, Travis McCoy, Tyga, Skinhead Rob, Paul Wall, Lupe Fiasco and Lil’ Wayne appeared on ‘The Internet’.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, Travis, Tyga, Lil’ Wayne and Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie performed a version of the remix during the 2007 MTV VMA’s.

Best Bit: It’s got to be a baby-faced Brendon bobbing along in the background.

‘Tiffany Blews (ft Lil’ Wayne)’

That wasn’t Lil’ Wayne’s only hookup with Fall Out Boy though. Weezy featured on ‘Folie a Deux’s ‘Tiffany Blews’ which was released the same year as his triple-platinum fifth album ‘The Carter III’ and was the first of many times Fall Out Boy really married their sound with rap vocals.

It’s Lil’ Wayne’s autotune-heavy remix of ‘American Suitehearts’ that really sees him stamp his personality across the FOB sound.

Best Bit: The auto-tune reverb flips the track from excitable to mournful without losing any of that energy.

Timbaland – ‘One and Only (ft Fall Out Boy)’

Back in ‘the day’, it was controversial for a punk band to mix with #notarockband. Poor Fall Out Boy got a lot of grief for teaming up with Timbaland for this track. No idea why though, it’s Gr9. ‘One and Only’ is lifted from 2007’s ‘Shock Value’ and the band mocked the supposed controversy in their video for ‘This Ain’t A Scene…’.

Best Bit: Patrick Stump and Timbaland singing “Wipe that smile off your fucking face.”

Thriller (ft Jay-Z)

If you’re going to release your most progressive and divisive album yet, you might as well start as you mean to go. Getting Jay-Z to open ‘Infinity On High’ with a defiant call to arms sees Fall Out Boy at their most daring.

Best Bit: The pause for breath between Jay-Z’s intro and that crunch of ‘Thriller’ properly kicking in.

‘The Mighty Fall (ft Big Sean)’

Of course, we can’t really talk about progressive albums without mentioning Fall Out Boy’s ‘Save Rock and Roll’. In an album that features guest appearances from Foxes, Elton John and Courtney Love, it’s a sign of Fall Out Boy’s evolution that Big Sean’s contribution to ‘The Mighty Fall’ was far from being the most jarring collaboration on the record.

Best Bit: Big Sean: “Hell yeah I’m a dick, girl. Addict-ted to you”. OR him twisting a small child’s head off in the video. It’s a tough call.

Wiz Khalifia – ‘Stayin’ Out All Night (ft Fall Out Boy)’

After a summer on the road together for the Boys Of Zummer co-headline tour, it’s no surprise that Wiz Khalifia got Fall Out Boy to jump on ‘Stayin’ Out All Night’. That time together clearly paid off, as this track feels entirely natural.

Best Bit: Seeing the chemistry between Pete and Wiz as they trade vocals. Or the gold microphone.

Fall Out Boy X Fetty Wap – ‘Centuries/Trap Queen’

More mash-up than collaboration, Fall Out Boy’s performance with Fetty Wap at the MTV Movie Awards sees two parties at the top of their game. Swaggering, confident and allowing each other to shine before coming together in a glorious showing of respect, you can imagine that the seemingly effortless way that ‘Trap Queen‘ meets ‘Centuries‘ had an impact on inspiring ‘Make American Psycho Again’.

Best Bit: When everyone wonders away from the stage and starts playing up to the audience, they’re all clearly having a lovely time.

Fall Out Boy’s ‘Make American Psycho Again’ is out October 30th.

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