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Into It. Over It.: “It’s honest. It’s real. It’s tangible”

Into It. Over It.’s Evan Weiss tried something new for the band’s new album, ‘Standards’.

Into It. Over It.: “It’s honest. It’s real. It’s tangible”

Into It. Over It. have been creating and playing music for almost a decade; consistently developing and shaping their sound, helping to push the underground emo revival to the surface. Third album, ‘Standards’, sees main-man Evan Weiss tread new waters to create a truly honest record that will only push the band further.

“Recording to tape and working with John Vanderslice has completely changed my perspective when it comes to creating art and what it means for music to be exciting again,” states Evan, as he’s quizzed on the recording process. Unlike the band’s previous records, this album was recorded straight to tape.

“It’s honest. It’s real. It’s tangible,” he says. And from the first twinge of the acoustic guitar on opener, ‘Open Casket’, Evan’s notion is proven true. Everything from the natural guitar sound to the direct, no-nonsense lyrics, feels right; nothing sounds forced. “It’s an infinite landscape of knowledge to begin to experience. It will never sound dated. I am going to have a very hard time retuning to the use of computers when it comes to IIOI-related material in the future.”

As well as taking a step into the past by recording straight to tape; Evan decided to completely cut the band off from society for a whole month while recording. With no internet, no phone and being miles away from anyone else – it meant the boys had no distractions, whatsoever.

Evan is quick to say they found liberating. “The initial creative experience is generally the trickiest to settle into a rhythm. By holing up in a cabin in Vermont, we were able to make writing music our only priority. I wish I could live like that every day of my life, whether anyone ever heard what we were doing or not. I would be absolutely satisfied and perfectly. It made us stronger players, better communicators and frankly, better friends.”

Something they did keep the same in this recording process, however, was being “intentionally unprepared”. “I have approached nearly every record I’ve ever done this way,” Evan admits. “After making over 100 IIOI songs, I knew what was important to have beforehand and what wasn’t; I know what my strengths and weaknesses are. It also allows us to explore countless ideas and directions that we maybe would have explored if we had gone into the recording experience with arrangements fully composed ahead of time. The record would have never been as good had I been more prepared.”

“Now that the record has been released Stateside, most of my nervous excitement / anxiety is gone and I can just focus on being excited to play these songs for people,” he continues. “It is certainly interesting to see how European crowds react to record versus US fans. It’s absolutely a different landscape and audience when it comes to taste and style. UK and EU crowds are apt to being way more patient and polite, but also far more critical. There is a higher level of expectation overseas.”

“The hard work that went into ‘Standards’,” replies Evan when asked what he wants fans to take from the record. “The feeling we had of being liberated by the process. I hope they take away how much we explored with sounds and how we made analog instruments and effects sound wilder than digital ones. I hope they take away how I’ve grown as a human and as a musician. I hope they enjoy listening to the record as much as we enjoyed making it.”

Into It. Over It.’s album ‘Standards’ is out 29th April. They head out on tour with The Hotelier and Rozwell Kid this May.

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