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April 2020

InTechnicolour: "Two years, three studios, four drummers, five credit cards..."

Brighton faves InTechnicolour have finally arrived with their debut album.
Published: 4:02 pm, March 04, 2020
InTechnicolour: "Two years, three studios, four drummers, five credit cards..."

Brighton five-piece InTechnicolour have been working towards their debut album for bloody ages. Pieced together across years of sweaty shows and scrimped studio time, now ‘Big Sleeper’ is finally here via indie faves Big Scary Monsters, and it marks the culmination of everything that’s come before.

Congrats on the album, it must be nice to have it done and dusted - how did you find getting it over the finish line?
You guys know us by now, we have been promising this album for AGES! And it's just taken us a long time to finish paying for it. Luckily the lovely folks over at Big Scary Monsters are InTechnicolour fans and decided to make room within the stable for us, and we can't thank them enough for making sure 'Big Sleeper' doesn't sit unheard on our hard drives.
It was a bit of a stumbling block, we had the songs we just needed to get them recorded and release them into the world, so it's a huge relief to get 'Big Sleeper' out into the world. Some of the songs have been waiting years to be blasted out of speakers and annoy parents around the world.

What was the record's timeline like, it was in the works for a while?
The timeline for 'Big Sleeper' was pretty crazy to be honest - two years, three studios, four drummers, five credit cards... We needed to get the formula right with members, sound and feel. It's just that the feedback from the handful of sounds and tours with friends was so good that it might feel like an even longer time coming. But we did get the formula right down.

How does the finished album compare to your initial plans for it, did it evolve much along the way?
We always had a really good idea about what InTechnicolour is and what the album should sound like, and even though it took an unreasonable amount of time to finish the recording process the actual songs on Big Sleeper have been in our set for ages!
Since Tobie and myself started writing together as InTechnicolour we've always had a pretty clear sound/style and over the last few years the band has grown with everyone bringing their own intricacies. So even though some songs are much older than others, a new life has been pumped into them!

"Some of the songs have been waiting years to be blasted out of speakers"

How did you approach curating 'Big Sleeper''s tracklisting?
We took our best songs and made sure they were on the album, ha!
It was a thin line between getting all the songs we wanted on there and making sure it all fit on one record! We had two minutes left by the time we got the last track 'Tortoise' on there.

Do you have a favourite song on it?
Yeah, there is a cheeky little slow number towards the back end of the album called 'Slow Moth', that's one of my favourites. Lyrically I'm really proud of that one as well as the build the song has. It starts out pretty unassuming, and by the end, it's screaming in your face. Lovely stuff.
'Slow Moth' came really naturally, the song evolved over the space of about two hours. We were towards the end of the last day of tracking in Brighton, I sat down and showed the guys the riff, and within one hour we had tracked the whole tune.

Are any of the lyrical themes you cover particularly pertinent to 2020?
Yeah, 'Lend Me A Crushed Ear' has some political themes, however you wanna interpret those.

You told us last year that you often write about whatever's troubling you, what's on your mind at the moment?
Hmm, that's a tough one. I always have a shit load of worry, and I tend to be a pretty 'glass half empty' kinda guy, so there is always a lot on my mind at any one time. Right now, my worries are less global and more personal.

Do you find more troubles you as you get older?
For sure! When I was a teenager, the only thing that really worried me was girls and where we could score various intoxicants. I didn't have to deal with a blown head gasket or job redundancy when I was 16. It's why we do what we do so that we can sack off all the annoying 'grown-up' worries for a few hours a week and get together in a tiny box room with old broken amps turned up way to loud and not think about all that stuff for a while.
I moved to the countryside, so I can play doom songs in my attic and ignore the outside world. I find it helps.

What else are you up to this year, there's a tour coming up, right?
Yes, yes! UK co-headline tour in February with the beauties over in CLT DRP - that one is going to be carnage! Then we have another tour in the works, but it's a little early to tease much more for that one. And I am currently speaking to you from a stunning old chapel recording studio in the arse end of nowhere, so that might give you a little idea...

Taken from the March issue of Upset. InTechnicolour's album 'Big Sleeper' is out now.

March 2020
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March 2020

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