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In Hearts Wake: “It is possible to work together to create a bigger picture”

Speaking about their collaborative EP with Northlane, In Hearts Wake’s guitarist Ben Nairne wants more people to work together.

In Hearts Wake: “It is possible to work together to create a bigger picture”

Yesterday (April 20th) In Hearts Wake and Northlane surprise-released a collaborative EP ahead of their joint headline tour around Australia. Their ‘Equinox‘ EP saw all ten members of both bands involved in its creation, yet the resulting three-tracks are united under one cohesive voice.

We wanted to know more (we’re inquisitive like that) so we spoke to In Hearts Wake’s guitarist Ben Nairne and got him to tell us all about it.

-Where did the idea for a collaborative EP come from?

We have been good friends with Northlane for a long time now and have always wanted to collaborate in one way or another. Last year we toured Canada with them and I think the idea really came to life on night when we were all having a cookout together. Everyone was really excited about the idea and the ball started rolling from their.

Did you go into the studio with an idea of what you’d make?

We had a little bit of an idea of how it was going to work. Both bands would write a song each and then we would bring those songs into the studio to collaborate on them. It definitely worked well this way because we had something to work with in the studio rather then 10 people trying to come up with something from scratch.

And what did you take away from the process?

Working with another band in the studio definitely kept me open to more ideas than I usually would be and meant that we could get a lot more creative with the songs. The fact that we were creating something with good friends in a close environment made the fun element come out in the final product.

-Ten people is a lot of different voices to balance. Was there much push and pull when you were in the studio or did you all have the same goal in mind?

It actually worked out really well with having that many people in the studio at one time and I thinks it’s because everyone kept a really open mind. While we were tracking there were only a few people in the actual studio at any given time, meanwhile everyone else had some sort of creative process happening in the other rooms. Whether it was coming up with ideas for an interlude or working together to find a few missing words in a verse, everyone worked really well together.

Will you be playing the songs live and was that ability to translate the songs from studio to stage an important one?

We will be playing these songs live in about two months on the Australian Equinox Tour. Having the opportunity to have 3 vocalists singing live together meant that we really focussed on optimising those parts in the studio so they would translate well to the stage.

What do you want people to take away from this collaborative EP?

We want people to see that it is possible to work together to create a bigger picture. Some people seem to think the heavy music scene can be quite competitive and hostile but this proves that it is actually the complete opposite and hopefully it will encourage more people to work together whether it be through music or any other passion.

Why have you kept this project secret until now?

We thought it would be a good little surprise for people who already had tickets to the Equinox Tour and would excite more people to come along with friends and join in on the collaboration.

Was this a one off or will you be looking to do similar things with other artists?

It was a one off collaboration for the time being but we had so much fun working with another band so I’m sure everyone would be open to the idea of working with someone different down the track!

Northlane and In Hearts Wake tour Austrlia in June.

10 Metro City, Perth
11 Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide
12 Festival Hall, Melbourne
17 The Tivoli, Brisbane
18 Luna Park, Sydney

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