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March 2019

Good Tiger: "We wanted an album that would be appreciated for its songwriting"

Good Tiger spill the beans on their new record, 'We Will All Be Gone'.
Published: 12:50 pm, February 13, 2018
Good Tiger: "We wanted an album that would be appreciated for its songwriting"
Elliot Coleman takes a break from watching Jaws II on Netflix ("this is NOT a very good film") to fill us in on Good Tiger's new album, 'We Will All Be Gone'. It’s a record that sees them team up with Metal Blade Records, and a label belonging to US celebrity chef, Chris Santos - Blacklight Media.

Hey Elliot, ‘We Will All Be Gone' sounds like a pretty ominous name for your new album - is everything okay?
Originally we wanted to call the album ‘Candy Gumdrops in Silly Land'. I'm kidding of course, and while I can't exactly remember how we came up with ‘WWABG' as the title, I'm very happy that that's the one we went with. Ominous is a perfect way to describe most of this new album when it comes to thematics, but there are flairs of felicity as well. Our debut was a bit of a mixed bag in terms of songwriting, emotional tone etc., but this album has its own distinct feel and sound.

What was your mindset like going into this record?
We wanted to write and record an album that would be appreciated from the listener head to toe for its songwriting, rather than its flair. If something didn't fit, we didn't use it. Our hopes are that it gives the album longevity and cohesiveness.

Are any of the songs on ‘We Will All Be Gone' especially personal or meaningful to you?
Some songs have a deeper meaning than others. ‘Grip Shoes' would probably be the most personal. Lyrically it's pretty on the nose as well. It tells the tale of wasted potential; I'm sure we all find times in our life that are trivial, and not spent capitalizing on every moment.

What's changed for you guys since your debut?
As we had all been involved in separate projects prior to Good Tiger's formation, each one of us sort of brought our own mini fan-base with us when we all started. Now that a bit of time has passed and we've done multiple tours, the band has a legion of loyal and dedicated new fans that are unaware that any of us were in bands before this one.

"Ominous is a perfect way to describe most of this new album"

How did you find the process of self-releasing 'WWABG'? Were there any challenges you didn't foresee?
The initial launch of the Indiegogo campaign certainly seemed daunting at the time, we all wondered, "What if nobody cares?" But 24 hours later we had smashed our goal, and the hope of bringing Good Tiger to the stage seemed more within reach than ever. Now, not everybody that launches a new product, or business, or idea, is as fortunate as we were, but I can certainly recommend going that route if you believe you have something special.

What led you to eventually sign with Blacklight Media and Metal Blade Records?
Trying to essentially run a label (albeit a small one) while the band was still developing, touring, and living our normal day to day lives wasn't an easy balance, so when the opportunity arose, we all agreed it was the best thing for the band. As Blacklight was a new label, and we were their first signing it felt like the right fit.

How have you found your time working with the guys there?
The music industry is a constantly changing place, and the fact the team behind Blacklight Media have 35 years of experience and are still going is a testament to their work ethic, and development as a team and label. It's great to be working with such a forward-thinking team, all while still having the freedom to do what we want artistically. That was an important part for us, having self-released the first album, and something the team we work with are extremely understanding of.

On Blacklight's website there's a quote from Chris Santos that says: "Similar to my cooking, I hope the music our artists create will be engaging, well rounded, and sometimes whimsical." Does Good Tiger fit the brief?
One could argue that, compared to our Blacklight Media / Metal Blade Record, labelmates, Good Tiger is one of the more "acquired tastes" of the bunch. With that said, sometimes it's okay to try and sample different things. Life would be boring if we ate the same meal every day. I'm very happy and appreciative those labels have given us, something outside of their comfort zone, a chance. Saying that, I do try to eat pizza five days of the week.

Album aside, what else do you have planned for 2018?
Just like any other year, we will be touring, writing, demoing, and learning.

Good Tiger’s album ‘We Will All Be Gone’ is out now. Taken from the February 2018 issue of Upset. Order a copy now below.

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