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Ex Hex: “We tend to party hard”

Mary Timony’s new(ish) band Ex Hex are about to lay waste to the UK.

Ex Hex: “We tend to party hard”

“We’ve played 170 shows since we wrote the songs,” Mary Timony exclaims of her band’s recent tour schedule. “And we’ve been to Europe four times this year, so it’s kind of a lot.” Returning to British shores a year on from the release of their debut album ‘Rips’, Ex Hex are full of excitement. “I’m kind of an Anglophile,” Mary chuckles. “I’m thinking about staying after our tour and going site-seeing. And we’re in bigger venues this time,” she enthuses. “Really excited. Last time it was only one show that didn’t sell out.”

Playing eight shows across the UK through November, the Washington DC three-piece have achieved a lot off the back of their first record. “We probably did 20 shows before we even recorded,” Mary recalls, “because we wanted to get better and tighter at playing the songs before we recorded. We definitely toured before the record came out.”

Twelve months on and the whirlwind energy hasn’t stopped since. “I would say that we’re not the most chill band on the road,” Mary laughs. “We tend to party pretty hard, and to have a lot of wacky adventures on the road, for sure.” Having been on tour pretty consistently for twelve months, the group have no shortage of tales to tell. “It keeps it exciting!”

“I’ve never toured so much in any band ever as I have in this band,” she continues. Reminiscing about previous tours with Wild Flag, Helium, and promoting solo material, the frontwoman has a lot to draw from. “I’ve been doing this for a long time,” she chuckles. “I guess now we’ve gotten to the point where we can play the songs while we’re asleep.”

Fond and familiar though their set may be, Ex Hex are no strangers to mixing things up. “It’s fun to have something that’s a little bit creative, y’know?” Mary explains. “Something that you’re still feeling with a little bit of improv, ‘cause it keeps you on your toes when you’re performing. So we’ll think of a new arrangement or something and change a song around a little bit”

Looking forwards to their shows in the UK, for Ex Hex the excitement is bittersweet. “I know it’s our last time there for a little while,” Mary divulges, “until the next record.” The follow up to last year’s ‘Rips’ is already a work in progress. “We’ve got a few songs,” the band disclose. “I can’t say when it’s gonna be out, but we’re working on it.”

“We’re still just trying to write songs that we like,” Mary enthuses of the group’s influences. “There is a way of being in music where you’re just caught up in the process of it. This band was not started that way. It was more like a project. ‘Let’s make songs that we really like to listen to.’”

“It’s not the most technical music, and it’s not sad, it’s not meditative. Maybe the next record will have more of that,” Mary continues. “You can see them as fun songs, and you can put them on in the background, but the lyrics make them a little more meaningful.”

Taken from the November issue of Upset. Ex Hex’s UK tour kicks off today, 2nd November at London’s Scala. Click here for the full list of dates.

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