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August 2021

Here's everything you need to know about Hacktivist's new album, 'Hyperdialect'

Vocalist Jot Maxi tells us what we need to know.
Published: 11:51 am, June 18, 2021
Here's everything you need to know about Hacktivist's new album, 'Hyperdialect'

Sometimes the best way to find out about an album isn’t to ask a load of nosy, nitty-gritty questions, but rather just the one - ‘what’s interesting here, then?’ Job done. This month, Hacktivist help us out, with vocalist Jot Maxi telling us all sorts of interesting tit-bits from behind-the-scenes of their new album, 'Hyperdialect'.

The album is a statement
, where our debut album 'Outside The Box' identifies a lot of our subject matter and areas of target, 'Hyperdialect' comes through to really magnify and attack them!

We have explored an extreme range of sounds
within our already hybrid choice of genre (rap-metal, or more specifically, grime-djent). From more radio-friendly anthems like 'Armoured Core', to what some people called deathcore-rap with 'Planet Zero', get used to the roller-coaster ride cause that's us.

Hacktivist will never stop being a voice for things that too often go unsaid
, and 'Hyperdialect' is no different. We line up society's weak points, and fire truth at them with a passion that we hope inspires change within this generation.

This is the first full-length since guitarist/producer James Hewitt came on board
, he brings forward his influences with an array of very different lead parts and solos that adapt to our energy on each song perfectly. He, Josh Gurner (bass), and Rich Hawking (drums) wrote a lot of this record together, plus it's the first time we were able to get in the studio and record live drums, which is just epic.

Lyrically, we have pushed the levels even further
whilst remaining ever true to Hacktivist's values. As this is, of course, also the first album with me. We managed to find a formidable harmony between J Hurley's pre-meditated writing method and my sporadic tendency to freestyle entire sections of songs.

The most important thing to take from this album is probably that it's still just the beginning...
If you like the sounds, energy and passion you hear from this, then feel reassured because we have a lot more where this came from!

Taken from the July issue of Upset. Hacktivist's album 'Hyperdialect' is out 18th June

July 2021
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July 2021

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