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June 2022 (NOAHFINNCE)

Everything you need to know about Silverstein's new album, 'Misery Made Me'

The band fill us in on some behind-the-scenes tit-bits.
Published: 10:57 am, May 03, 2022
Everything you need to know about Silverstein's new album, 'Misery Made Me'

Tackling tricky themes like loneliness and anxiety, Silverstein’s new album ‘Misery Made Me’ is a lesson in trying to navigate life’s difficulties. Shane Told fills us in on some behind-the-scenes titbits.

We lived together at the studio while making the album.

The studio was on native land (shoutout to Six Nations of the Grand River), a little far removed from where we live, so we took the opportunity to really bond and spend time together. Josh [Bradford] and I shared a room and slept just a few feet apart. It might not seem that important, but the late-night natural wine sessions and watching the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs together really galvanised us and had us really immersed in the album 24/7.

We had more song ideas going into the studio than ever before.

You know when bands say they have like 60 songs written for a new album? And you wonder what they do with them? That's never been us, we usually only write what we're going to record, but this time we had more than 20 solid ideas. It made it hard to choose which songs to keep on the album, but there are a few bangers that might see the light of day down the road!

Our producer got bitten by a tick and almost died!!

Okay, maybe this isn't one hundred per cent true, but we definitely discovered a tick latched onto his back one morning. He had a good little freakout, and we spent the morning googling if something bad was going to happen to him. The tick? Don't worry, he's fine; we kept him as our studio pet / mascot.

We got to break shit.

Recording this during the pandemic was a great way to release some pent up energy and rage, and the studio gave us a bunch of baseball bats and trash cans to destroy. Luckily we mic'd it up, and now you can hear the sweet sounds of me screaming "somebody has to die" while going absolutely batshit on a poor bin.

We played golf almost every morning.

The studio owner also owned a golf course, so we were able to play for free. Did we potentially waste a lot of time when we could have been writing more songs? Maybe! But in all seriousness, it was an awesome way to clear our minds and take some of the stress away from the recording process.

And basketball all day long.

We brought in our own basketball hoop to set up in the parking lot, so we could take breaks and shoot around. Sometimes there's nothing better than a game of HORSE or 21 between screaming takes. You should see Paul's bank shot!

We recorded this album on the console from Abbey Road Studios.

This thing is HUGE. I don't know how they got it all the way from England to Canada, but there's gotta be some kind of story. But it was pretty damn cool to be playing through a piece of gear with so much history. We checked if The Beatles left any old song ideas on the hard drive of this thing, and unfortunately, they didn't.

Taken from the May issue of Upset. Silverstein's album 'Misery Made Me' is out 6th May.

May 2022
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May 2022

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