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July 2022

Everything you need to know about Peaness's new album, 'World Full of Worry'

The band fill us in on some behind-the-scenes tit-bits.
Published: 11:56 am, May 23, 2022
Everything you need to know about Peaness's new album, 'World Full of Worry'

Chester trio Peaness - Jessica Branney, Rachel Williams and Carleia Balbenta - are nearly a decade, umpteen live sets and several irresistible bangers deep, and now it’s time for their aptly-titled debut album, ‘World Full Of Worry’. The band let us in on some behind-the-scenes titbits.

Recording The Album
We recorded our album 'World Full of Worry' in North Wales with our good friend Russ Hayes at Orange Sound Recording Studio. It's where we've gone to record since day one. The opening song to the album is called 'Take A Trip', and it's about our journey to and from the studio. The waves and walking that you can hear in the song is actually us walking around on the beach recording on Jess' [Branney - bass + vocals] phone! We love being in the studio and working with Russ. I think after all of these years working with us he understands our process. We would have an absolute chore on our hands trying to explain things in the way we do to anyone else.

The Songwriting

All of the album songs were written pre-pandemic, and we were actually set to release the album a lot sooner, but being a touring band, it felt right to wait until we were able to get back on the road, so we could perform it in all its glory. It's our collective brainchild, and we're very proud of it. We're all involved in the writing process, and the songs come from our own personal experiences, frustrations and relationships. We try to avoid writing 'Love Songs' as such. We've tried, but because instrumentally our songs are so upbeat, it can border on being a full-on cheese-fest. 'irl' was almost a completely different song and had a different title for ages until we decided that it just didn't suit us.

The Album In-Jokes

We've got so many little in-jokes about this album now. Our audience might catch us having a cheeky giggle on stage, or looking at each other and smiling at some of the lines in certain songs. Like every time we play 'Kaizen' we all sing in our heads, "getting it done, yeah". In 'What's The Use', there's a line "so if I picture us outside", which when we sing it sounds like "picture Russ outside". For a while, before it was edited out, Jess was recorded trying to get the note before coming in for the final chorus of 'What's The Use' and just sang "wuh-wuh", so that's in our head every time we play it. There's a muted track on 'Girl Just Relax' that has a line from The Simpsons theme tune, and 'Hurts 'Til It Doesn't' was called 'Beatles Song' for ages due to Rach [Williams - drums] channelling her inner Ringo Starr.

It's A "Coming Of Age" Album

And when we say that, we all came of age a bloody long time ago, but it really feels like we've grown together with this album. Our writing has matured in a way that there's a lot more time and thought that's gone into the production, and lyrically we feel more comfortable being open, honest and vulnerable with ourselves and our audience about our struggles. We've been through a lot both together and separately, and we channel all of this into Peaness. You can have a good bop to our music, but the lyrics are what create that classic Peaness juxtaposition... hence the album full of sad bangers.

Taken from the June issue of Upset. Peaness's album 'World Full of Worry' is out now.

June 2022 (Stand Atlantic)
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