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Drug Church: "It's not like I hate people..."

Frontman Patrick Kindlon tells us about the band’s third full-length.
Published: 10:21 am, November 19, 2018Words: Sam Taylor.
Drug Church: "It's not like I hate people..."

Big choruses and social awkwardness, Drug Church’s new ‘un is an album we can get onboard with. Frontman Patrick Kindlon tells us about the band’s third full-length.

Hey Patrick. You’re on your third album, congrats - do your early days with the band feel a long time ago now? What’s changed for you since then?
I have the memory of a goldfish, so everything feels fresh to me. There's a lotta times on tour when I'm adamant that we've never been to a city. Never played it. Definitely never heard of this venue. No, I don't remember the guy you said talked to us for an hour outside. Can't recall anything about it. And then we'll get there and I remember it and then have to admit that we played it five months ago and I just have a terrible memory. So, I think it doesn't feel very different to me. And one thing that has changed may be that whatever degenerative brain disorder I have appears to have worsened.

How have you found your first year on Pure Noise?
Breezy. Disagreements are worked out with a conversation. That's all I want outta anyone. A willingness to be reasonable. So, no complaints.

The album’s press release describes the record as your most accessible to date, was that intentional or just a by-product?
I am starting to suspect they all met without me and put together a plan to do something more likeable. But I can't confirm that and certainly wasn't aware when we started the LP. Those dudes love those big rock songs, so if there's more of that on the record it was inevitable. Had to happen at some point. I don't notice so much because I'm in the middle of it, so it just feels like a more expensive sounding Drug Church record to me. But, the choruses are big, so maybe it really is more accessible. I urge everyone to buy it and decide for themselves.

‘Avoidarama’ is brilliant, is social interaction something you find a bit much yourself? How do you reconcile that with being in a band?
Never used to be a problem for me. But each year I seem to be pulling inward more. Stuff like singing keeps me in front of people, and I think that's probably good for my brain because if left to my own devices, I'd be at home or at least away from people as much as possible. And it's not like I hate people or can't talk, so I don't know where this instinct to retreat came from. My girl says I should probably get therapy about it.

What do you think music’s most important job is in 2018?
Same as ever. Be an honest expression of the artists' sensibilities. Music owes no one a thing past that.

You’re touring with Boston Manor soon, are you buds?
Never met before the other day. Really nice guys. Right now seems like things are blowing up for them and some bands lose the plot during that time, but these dudes aren't like that.

What touristy / British things do you enjoy while you’re in the UK?
I find the vegan version of an English breakfast in each town. I think the UK has breakfast dialled in. I mean, if you eat the non-vegan version your whole life you probably die at 55, but no denying it tastes good.

What else do you guys have coming up?
We're back in the UK and Europe in the winter. Then I hear we're headed to Australia, but I dunno how confirmed that is. I asked our booking agent last night to send us to Russia, so we'll see if we can get that in before 2020.

Taken from the November issue of Upset. Drug Church's album 'Cheer' is out now.

November 2018
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