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Everything You Need To Know About... Dilly Dally's new album, 'Heaven'

Katie Monk fills us in on the band's new record.
Published: 12:20 pm, August 28, 2018
Everything You Need To Know About... Dilly Dally's new album, 'Heaven'

Toronto's Dilly Dally are back with their second album, 'Heaven', billed as a fierce, fiery ode to optimism. Katie Monks fills us in.

I wrote the songs on a white Flying V with lots of distortion pedals
I got that guitar to piss off all my music friends here in Toronto. I knew it was the least “cool” guitar I could start to embrace. And I wanted to show everyone that they were living in a Fender bubble, and it was OK to break the rules.

We almost broke up
After we toured the first record, the band was a mess. Everyone got swallowed into a deep depression like: On the road, there was no time to grieve anything. So when it was all said and done, there were a lot of grey clouds we had to push through. And we took time apart. I had to make peace with the fact that Dilly Dally might end. That’s when I started writing.

"The future of the band was a question mark"

I left social media for mental health reasons
In order to get on a stage and feel like you have any wisdom to offer a large audience, I feel like I have to be good with myself on the inside. And really connected to my soul. Social media is superficial and vapid, to say the least. It’s fun, but as one old homeless lady said to me one time while I was waiting for a bus: “Social Media is the Devil!”, hahahaha.

Dilly Dally isn’t angry anymore, just emo and mystical
After the election happened in the States, we felt a wave of depression wash over the whole country. Getting on stage every night and yelling about being on my period just didn’t cut deep enough to really capture the feeling of our surroundings. It was time to start writing again.

Everything happened naturally
As I said, the future of the band was a question mark. Dilly Dally started out of real friendship, and it has to continue that way. We’ve never talked about “how are we gonna get big” or “what do people wanna hear right now,” hahaha. We’re just a band, whether people wanna listen to us or not, we just wanna make music with each other every once and a while with no expectations really. That’s why we took our time with Heaven. That’s why we are so proud of it.

Taken from the September issue of Upset. Dilly Dally's album 'Heaven' is out 14th September.

September 2018
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September 2018

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