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Track By Track: Daydream Frenzy - Ocean Air EP

The Scottish trio also talk us through their new EP track by track.
Published: 11:59 am, May 25, 2016
Track By Track: Daydream Frenzy - Ocean Air EP
Daydream Frenzy are only a few days away from the release of their new EP, ‘Ocean Air’, due 27th May. Prior to its release, the band are streaming the release in full - listen below, first on Upset.

The Scottish trio also talk us through the EP track by track, from the ballsy ‘Guts’ to a Fonik remix of ‘Pride & Wonder’, the title-track on their 2015 album.

“We wanted to make the best music collectively that we can, that has always been the first and foremost goal of this band,” explains frontman and guitarist Donald Barclay.

“We wanted to make something a bit different and not just you typical alt-rock. Lyrically it’s very honest and we feel this new release is definitely the most diverse music we have ever made.”


‘Shout’ is about not being afraid and having the guts to stand up for what you think is right. It is also about how we are stronger united as one in a cause that we all believe in. Take a stand!

On My Own

This song is about summer memories. It’s about growing up and feeling the warmth on your skin whilst being with people you love and embracing life. It is about a story of travel. The chorus goes in to meaning of letting go of youth but it not being a bad thing, it’s beautiful. Do it on your own, make your own path. If you think life is good it will be. It’s the power of thought and the mind too.

Good Morning

This is song is the big middle finger to people who make you feel small - condescending people. Arrogance can sometimes feel like it’s everywhere.
I watched a documentary on the problem in some part of America against same sex relationships. The lyrics are also about the bigger picture of the problem in America STILL having a problem with same sex relationships and some people in the UK. How dare people stand against that? It’s a song essentially about being free.

Shout (acoustic)

This song has slightly different melodies and is completely acoustic.

Pride & Wonder (Fonik Remix)

This is a gritty electronic remix of our past single from our debut album. It’s very different and uses the melodies of the song but with an element of dance too to close the EP.

Daydream Frenzy will hold an EP launch party on 4th June, at Downstairs in Aberdeen.

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