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Creeper: “We’re not going to put anything at risk to try and play bigger stages”

They may be on a heady ascent but Creeper are keeping things punk af.

Creeper: “We’re not going to put anything at risk to try and play bigger stages”

At the start of last year Creeper kept count of every show they played. However somewhere between a hectic tour schedule, signing to Roadrunner Records and releasing two incredible 5-Star EPS, they lost count. “It’s been really crazy.” Now instead of focusing on putting one front before the other, the band look up.

“I didn’t even know we’d be a band for a year when we got together,” admits Will Gould. Not only are Creeper still standing, they’ve swiftly become one of the most vital figures in the UK punk scene. With a stint on the UK leg of the Warped Tour pulling in one of the biggest crowds of the weekend and organiser Kevin Lyman in attendance, the odds of them going global are shortening by the day.

“It’s just grown and evolved so rapidly in ways we never anticipated. We’ve just been making music and people have really responded to it. We wouldn’t want to guess why that was but we’re really grateful. That’s the thing about our band, we’re always trying to get better. We’re trying to grow and look for things from other bands that we really like.”

“I feel like we’ve taken a shortcut,” adds Ian Miles of the bands magpie approach to touring. “Those guys have been honing their talent and performance for years and we’ve just stolen it. Like a pick and mix of different things that work for our band.”

“We’re always going to be the same bunch of awkward dudes though,” offers Will. “We’ve just found different ways to talk to people, to communicate our ideas.”

“There’s people in the DIY scene would lynch us for mentioning DIY now because we’re on a record label.”

There’s a collective feeling shared by every member of the audience after a Creeper show. This band are going to change things. As the audience swells, the sing-alongs get louder and the potential skyrockets, it’s not at expense of their roots.

“We’re from the DIY punk world so we’re conscious of getting things done. There’s a way to do it, so we’ll stay up late and we’ll build it. ‘We’ll build it’ is our motto. We love making stuff. There’s people in the DIY scene would lynch us for mentioning DIY now because we’re on a record label. I wouldn’t consider us a DIY punk band at this point, but we’re a punk band. We still do everything our selves.”

From making papier-mâché signs and music videos to forfeiting the deposit on Will’s flat due to an upstairs bathroom falling victim to purple paint, Creeper are “hands on. We’re doing what we’ve always done and taking whatever options come along with that.”

“We’re really creatively satisfied. I hope we carry on being really creatively satisfied and we’ll always be able to carry on writing cool stories. I’d like to reach more people with the message. I’d love that but I’m not going to ever change anything we’re doing or put anything at risk to try and play bigger stages. Some bands do that but we’re not interested. It’s not us. It’s not our agenda. We’re a punk rock band with some ideas that are not so common for a punk band,”

“Even if we were writing ambient music, we’d still be a punk band because we conduct ourselves in the same way,” adds Ian.

“We feel pressure everytime we go on stage, regardless of whether its two people or two thousand people,”

“We’re really grateful,” repeats Will. “We like such a broad, diverse range of music and we’ve got an interest in such a different range of styles that we’d hate to be pigeonholed as just one thing. Not just creatively but who we can play with, and the audience that would watch us.”

As expectations shift and the band continues to grow, some things never change. “We feel pressure everytime we go on stage, regardless of whether its two people or two thousand people,” starts Will. “People come to see a show, they want to hear the songs played well and they want to see a good band so you have that pressure every single day. We certainly don’t see people who like this band as anything less than us,” he continues. “The whole idea about this band is to try and get people to do their own creative stuff.”

“I feel awkward even calling people who follow our band, fans,” says Ian with an audible shudder “When I say it, it makes me feel cringey.”

“They’re nice people who come to the shows and they respond to it and you’d hope the only real thing, the connection they get, is that they want to go and start something of their own,” reasons Will. “You’d hope that whatever we do artistically, whatever success we ever have, it’ll be something to inspire someone else to do something.”

“I hope that our appearance at these things is checked as being unusual,” Will adds. “It’s really odd that a punk band like us are getting to do some of the things we do. I hope it makes people want to do things for themselves.”

“Concentrate on being creative and making something that you’re happy with and that’s all it needs to be,” Ian reasons. “If people can see that you really care about what you’re making, they’ll be into it. Even if they don’t like your creation, they’ll admire your intentions.”

Creeper are currently halfway through a UK headline tour* before catching back up with Neck Deep+. Dates as follows:

27 Coventry, Kasbah*
29 Worcester, Marrs Bar*

1 Guildford, The Boileroom*
2 Bath, Moles*
3 London, The Underworld*
4 Tunbridge Wells, Forum*

16 Southampton, Guildhall+
18 Newcastle, University+
19 Leeds, Beckett University+
20 Liverpool, O2 Academy+

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