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Featuring Lilhuddy, The Offspring, All Time Low and more.
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May 2021

Chapel: "Lockdown gave me time to be reflective on my life"

Alt-pop duo Chapel are about to drop their brand new EP, 'Room Service'.
Published: 1:37 pm, April 20, 2021
Chapel: "Lockdown gave me time to be reflective on my life"

Playful alt-pop duo Chapel - Carter Hardin (vocals/guitar/keys) and Kortney Grinwis (drums) - are back with a new EP, 'Room Service'; a lockdown-inspired romp born from the constraints of being stuck at home.

Hi Carter, how's it going? What are you up to today?

I'm doing good, thanks for asking! Today I'm just writing with a few people then probably going to watch Love Island with Kortney.

Your new EP is fun, have you been working on new music all throughout the pandemic?

Thank you! At the beginning, it was all we could really do, and now a year later, it's still the only thing we do.

Is there an overarching concept to 'Room Service'?

Yes, it's all the songs we wrote while in lockdown. We thought 'Room Service' would be a fitting title.

What's the story behind 'First Love', did something specific inspire you to look back at that topic?

Being in lockdown inspired the song. It gave me time to be reflective on my life. Especially relationships or friendships that didn't work out. The song tells a story about one of those relationships.

How did you find making the accompanying video at home?
It was challenging for sure with deadlines and all that jazz, but it was so much fun. Kortney and I shot and edited three out of the four videos.

Do you have any more videos coming?

Yes! Each song will be getting a video.

How do you approach putting together an EP? Do you work around songs you already have, or do you start from scratch?

It's kind of a mixed bag. Sometimes you go back to the tracks that you didn't know how to finish, and suddenly you figure it out. Other times it's a random idea on the guitar and is fully fleshed out in an hour. Either way, it is so much fun.

What else are you working on at the moment?

Just working on the EP release and writing more songs!

Taken from the May issue of Upset. Chapel's EP 'Room Service' is out 23rd April.

May 2021
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May 2021

Featuring Lilhuddy, The Offspring, All Time Low, While She Sleeps, Evanescence, Manchester Orchestra, Gojira and more.

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