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Frank Iero: “I’m shocked I’m able to do these amazing things”

‘Keep The Coffins Coming’ sees Frank tick off a bucket list item. And cover ‘You Are My Sunshine’.

Frank Iero: “I’m shocked I’m able to do these amazing things”

Frank Iero is going on tour. But that shouldn’t be all that surprising since he’s always on tour.

Frank Iero is also releasing a new EP. It’s called ‘Keep The Coffins Coming‘, it features four of the five tracks he recorded with Steve Albini and is out September 22nd. We had a chat with Frank about it. Here’s what he told us.

“I started to write after the touring for ‘Stomachaches‘ had finished and my manager Paul asked me, ‘What do you want to do?’ I didn’t really know but I’ve always wanted to do this, this and this. I set these bucket list items out for him. The number one thing I’ve always wanted to do is work with Steve Albini. Ever since I was 11 I wanted to work with him in some capacity.” So Paul gave him a call. “He had three days open so we fucking booked it, we rented a U-Haul, we packed it and I drove us to Chicago to work with Steve at his studio, Electrical Audio.”

“I had already written a couple of new songs. I had ‘I’m A Mess’ which I felt might be the worst song of the batch but if there was anyone that can make it sound good, it’d be Steve. So you’re going to get to hear the first version of ‘I’m A Mess’. I don’t think its better or worse than the Ross Robinson version, it’s just a totally different song. It has a quality to it that I really want people to hear because it shows something about the song. A moment in time where I realised, ‘Oh wait, I like this song a lot’.”

“I really wanted to do a version of ‘Best Friends Forever‘ which I’d written with my girls, so that’s on there. I also had reworked a song I wrote as a joke called ‘Xmas Sux‘ that I just put up on Soundcloud and didn’t expect anyone to hear. But people heard it. I actually wanted to make it a proper song so now it’s a song called ‘No Fun Club‘ that I’m really psyched on. There’s also a cover of ‘You Are My Sunshine‘.

“We also recorded the song that turned into ‘Veins! Veins!! Veins!!!‘ (from ‘Parachutes‘) but it didn’t work out. One day I imagine people will hear it on a rarities thing but it’s totally different. There are certain things that don’t work but I’m glad we did it that day because there’s a lot of things that I found out that helped later on. That whole session was a precursor to ‘Parachutes’. It’s almost this missing link between ‘Stomachaches’ and ‘Parachutes’. It’s like last summer when the Death Spells record needed to come out because it fills in this gap lyrically, this ep is what got me from that point to this point. ‘Parachutes’ wouldn’t be the record it is without me filling in that bucket list.

“This session with Steve blew my mind. It was such a great three days and we worked really, really hard but it was so much fun. It was a dream come true. I didn’t know what to expect going in but I’m so glad we got to do it.

“I now know Steve loves cat videos on Facebook, he watches them all the time. They make great coffee there, they have a thing and it’s got maple syrup in it and it’s unreal. They all wear these Electrical Audio jumpsuits and Steve rides his bike to work everyday in his jumpsuit. One day he came to work one day and realised all his pockets were blown out, and he got really upset. He ripped it off, threw it in the garbage and put on a new one immediately. I definitely went over to the garbage and asked ‘can I have this?’ ‘uh, yeah’. So now I have an Electrical Audio jumpsuit which I’m excited about. I’m excited for people to hear the EP. I’m shocked I’m able to do these amazing things.”

“I figure I’m going to start asking for dumb shit now. Sometimes you have these ideas and you figure no one is going to let you do that, but now I’m just going to start putting it out there. Just putting things out into the universe.”

Go see Frank Iero on tour and slash or preorder a copy of the EP.

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