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Bleached: ‘Welcome The Worms’ colouring book

Preview Bleached’s new colouring book, released alongside their new album later this week.

Bleached: ‘Welcome The Worms’ colouring book

Later this week, Bleached release their excellent new album ‘Welcome The Worms’. But that’s not all they release on Friday – the record comes accompanied by its very own colouring book.

“Our friend had emailed us a sample colouring book page which was Halloween themed,” explains the band’s Jennifer Calvin. “It looked so awesome that it sparked the idea for this colouring book. He drew his pictures from actual photos of us.”

“We hoped to entice the inner child to get messy and creative and do something maybe they haven’t done in a long time,” adds Micayla Grace. “You can’t really go wrong with a colouring book!

“The images look cool as they are printed, and we can’t wait to see them with colours and the individual expression from our fans!”

Check out a few of the colouring book’s pages below, exclusively on Upset. You can order yours here, too.

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