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July 2019

Check out Black Honey's Teenage Kicks playlist, feat. Nirvana, Marilyn Manson, Blur and more

Take a wander through Izzy's formative years.
Published: 11:14 am, September 25, 2018 Photos: Jamie MacMillan.
Check out Black Honey's Teenage Kicks playlist, feat. Nirvana, Marilyn Manson, Blur and more

When you load up Spotify, a great big chunk of the time you can’t think what to play, right? You default back to your old favourites, those albums and songs you played on repeat when you first discovered you could make them yours. 

This isn’t about guilty pleasures; it’s about those songs you’ll still be listening to when you’re old and in your rocking chair. So, enter Teenage Kicks - a playlist series that sees bands running through the music they listened to in their formative years.

Next up, Izzy from Black Honey.

Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit
This song spoke to me as a teenager and has basically been the soundtrack to my entire life on the road. Nirvana is the thread that ties Black Honey together. This song just makes me wanna sing and fight and fuck in one big explosion.
T. Rex Cosmic Dancer

When I was a depressed, I loved to dance around at railway stations drunk to this in a kinda Billy Elliot ballet way.

Rage Against the Machine Killing In The Name

I remember being so flawed by the rawness of this one felt like it was existential.

Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here

My dad gave me his twelve-string guitar, and this song is basically the textbook twelve-string tune. The line “we're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year” spoke to me even in my young teens.

Marilyn Manson Tainted Love

I was so in love with this song cause it felt like such a reaction to all the boring RnB style songs that were exploring sexuality at the time. Once I realised it was a Soft Cell cover my mind was blown once more.

White Stripes Seven Nation Army

Jack White is my favourite guitarist to this day. I have him to thank for introducing me to Robert Johnson and all the old delta blues musicians.

Blur Song 2

This was my ultimate bedroom trashing song I remember singing into my hairbrush doing ninja dancing in the mirror to this song.

Blondie Call Me

I mean, what a classic. Blondie is probably the most important blueprint for the creation of Black Honey.

Taken from the October issue of Upset. Black Honey's self-titled debut album is out now.

October 2018
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October 2018

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