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July 2019

Black Futures: "There's a lot of secret shit happening, but the joy is in the surprise"

The future for the noise-punk duo is only just beginning.
Published: 12:03 pm, October 08, 2018Words: Steven Loftin.
Black Futures: "There's a lot of secret shit happening, but the joy is in the surprise"

Welcome to the Black Futures Existential Expedition club. Black Futures have been expecting you.

With their first-ever physical release (new EP, ‘Expedition 001’) having now made its way out into the world, the future for the noise-punk duo is only just beginning.

Upset catches up with them, and their small army of Haz-Mat clad minions to see what exactly's going down in their world… well, as much as they can tell us.

How is it taking your immersive live show to festivals?
We can't get away with all the pyro and weird shit, so we bring people power [gestures to Haz-Mats]. We bring our club. We've got an expedition, and we find some joy. It's a perfect recruiting environment for our club. You know, there are no rules. You just turn up and have a good time.

What do you have planned for the rest of the year, or is that all a bit secret?
There's a lot of secret shit happening, but the joy is in the surprise. The element of surprise, so we don't like to chat too much about stuff. It'll happen when it happens, and we'll make sure everyone knows about it. And it'll be a fucking joyous event.

Is it daunting at all to be a new band with such grand ideas?
That's a fucking good question! It is what it is. We're transient; we like to move with our thoughts. It's not daunting at all; it's a voyage of discovery for people to find out about what the fuck we are doing, and what it stands for. It's a little voyage of discovery, and it's nice we're at that point where no one really knows so it's like every person that gets a little bit of friction from it, and is excited, it's like, it's a really fun part of our story.

Is there an end to the Existential Expedition?
It's infinite. It will evolve, continuously. Forever.

Have any ideas been too out-there to achieve?
No. We always take it too far. General rule - take it too far. Hurt yourself just a little bit. It's not that expansive yet; we've got bigger plans, it's a big wide world. There's space. I mean, fucking hell, we're still on solid ground! But that's just mumbo jumbo, isn't it?

Your sound melds both beautifully melodic, and supremely harsh, how does that fit into the grand scheme?
It's a joyous explosion, so to speak. We're positive nihilists. Nothing, really. We're pretty fucking inconsequential, but we're going to push as much joy and good vibes out into the world, in one foul hit. The truth is in the irony.

It all boils down to all or nothing?
That's true, man. Joy is an act of resistance, positive change, and whatever… just do everything in a maximalist way. Don't sit around being apathetic about how shit stuff is, get out there look up at the sky and just fucking be awed.

Black Futures’ new EP ‘Expedition 001’ is out now.


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