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December 2022 / January 2023

Check out Big Joanie's Teenage Kicks playlist, feat. Bikini Kill, Paramore, Nirvana and more

Take a wander through the band's formative years.
Published: 12:10 pm, November 07, 2022
Check out Big Joanie's Teenage Kicks playlist, feat. Bikini Kill, Paramore, Nirvana and more

When you load up Spotify, a great big chunk of the time you can’t think what to play, right? You default back to your old favourites, those albums and songs you played on repeat when you first discovered you could make them yours.

This isn’t about guilty pleasures; it’s about those songs you’ll still be listening to when you’re old and in your rocking chair. So, enter Teenage Kicks - a playlist series that sees bands running through the music they listened to in their formative years.

Next up, Stephanie Phillips (vocals, guitar), Chardine Taylor-Stone (vocals, drums), and Estella Adeyeri (vocals, bass) from Big Joanie.

Bikini Kill - 'Rebel Girl'

Stephanie: I remember getting a Yamaha acoustic guitar for my 16th birthday and using it to play their songs' Rebel Girl' and 'Alien She'. Bikini Kill were the entry point into so many of my favourite bands, feminism, the riot grrrl movement, and still define my music tastes today.

Sleater-Kinney - 'Dig Me Out'

Stephanie: Sleater-Kinney were one of the first bands where I realised how important each member of a band is. They are such a powerful unit and created these emotional, multi-layered songs that completely blew my teenage brain to pieces. I would spend hours trying to be Carrie and Corin on guitar, but I'm not sure I fully got it.

Bloc Party - 'So Here We Are'

Stephanie: During the British indie revival, I got really into Bloc Party and their debut album, Silent Alarm. I remember going round my friend's house and watching their video for 'So Here We Are' on MTV and thinking the band all looked so cute. The whole album still sounds as good as when I first heard it as well.

Paramore - 'Conspiracy'

Estella: I've literally grown up alongside Paramore. Seeing them live at Give It A Name Festival in 2006 was a pivotal moment, where I realised that I, too, could be a teen girl in an emo band. Across the years, I've watched them grow and evolve as musicians and people, channelling a wide range of influences whilst creating their own distinctive sound. They offer something new to connect to with each album.

The Blood Brothers - 'Fucking's Greatest Hits'

Estella: I distinctly recall my Mum entering my bedroom while I listened to a Blood Brothers CD, looking disgusted and saying "this is just noise", and feeling immensely proud to have finally reached that teen rite of passage. The Blood Brothers were unlike anything I'd ever heard - they blew my mind and showed me that hardcore music could be wild, melodic, smart, catchy and cathartic.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 'Date With The Night'

Estella: The YYY's stood out from the slew of noughties "the" bands of my teen years - Karen O's incredible stage presence and attitude was impossibly cool, and I spent many years trying to shred like Nick Zinner. Getting into club nights underage and dancing to 'Date With The Night' played an important part in who I am today.

Jesus and Mary Chain - 'Some Candy Talking'

Chardine: I remember this came on MTV2 late at night, and I wanted to record the video on VHS, so I worked out the MTV2 playlist 'cause they used to play songs in the same order (took me hours) just so I could record the video. I later tried to order the album from my local HMV. It took six weeks, and I had ordered the second album by mistake! Was very happy for streaming and other downloading platforms after that!

Nirvana - 'Sliver'

Chardine: If there was a band that changed my life, this was it. It was the gateway band that got me into alternative music and opened up a whole new world. Someone lent me the tapes, which I then copied onto others (this was the early 00s!).

The Stone Roses - 'I Wanna Be Adored'

Chardine: Being a teenager in the early 00s kind of sucked as you kinda felt a bit like you missed all the cool stuff in the 90s and was surrounded by Nu-metal bros! It was before the White Stripes, or the Strokes had really arrived, so when I was about 13/14, the big band for me was The Stone Roses. It's still my favourite bassline. I was learning how to play the bass recently, and it was the first thing I learnt how to play because I know it so well!

Taken from the November issue of Upset. Big Joanie's album 'Back Home' is out 4th November.

November 2022
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November 2022

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