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Basement want to start their own “Festival of Legends”

Speaking backstage at Reading, the band are still dreaming big.

Basement want to start their own “Festival of Legends”

“This weekend we’ve seen so much security for bands,” James Fisher exclaims. “Everyone’s got a private security guard. We need that.” Contemplating the likelihood of successfully convincing their PR to quit his job and take on protection detail “working for us forever,” the group are in high spirits. Having just given a rousing performance on the NME stage that comes as no surprise.

“There was no way you could not enjoy that,” Duncan Stewart comments on their set. “Leeds was just the same.” He quickly corrects himself – “just as good, same awesomeness.” “It’s the first time we actually started with a bunch of new songs instead of starting with some of the older ones,” Alex Henery states. “People seem to really like it.”

Third album ‘Promise Everything’, released in January, was a return to form from a band who’d taken time away and time apart. Making their return both refreshed and reinvigorated, the record is an unmistakable progression from the songs of old, but one that came about very organically. “People have been responding to it really well,” Andrew Fisher enthuses. “It felt like we were playing older songs in the way that people are reacting to it, which was kind of weird, because we didn’t know how people would enjoy it.”

“We started off playing shows in Australia, Japan, and America,” Alex explains of their return. “We didn’t know how it was going to go. We just thought we’d see if people wanted to come. Then all the US was selling out. We were so shocked. It was crazy.”

Their success might come as a shock to them, but to their ever-growing fanbase it’s been a long time coming. “It didn’t really come into my head that there was an expectation from us,” Duncan considers. “We never really think of the outside world when we’re making decisions. We just want to have fun and play music. That’s all we worry about.”

“It’s interesting to see newer fans be really into the newer stuff, and then we’ll play an old song and a different group of people will get really into it,” he continues. Seeing crowds lose their senses to their music is something Basement are about to see taken to a new level as they enter arenas opening for Bring Me The Horizon.

“It’s ridiculous!” James yells. “It’s not even a small step. It’s so much bigger than anything we’ve ever experienced. It’s wild.” “We’re just really excited about the catering,” Alex divulges. “That’s the reason why we took it.” Discussing the various food options they’re likely to encounter, the group are making the leap forwards by “doing what we’ve always done.” Their survival technique? “Winging it!”

“It’ll be weird and fun,” James offers by way of description. “The fact that we get to turn up and do something that completely ridiculous every night, it’s going to be such a laugh.” With ridiculousness already in their grasp, the group are continuing to dream big. “I really like the idea of putting on our own festival,” Alex brainstorms. “If we could pick what we all like and curate a lineup, I think that’d be so cool.”

Pausing for a moment before deciding to name the event “Festival Of Legends”, the concept quickly snowballs into discussion of cruise ship tours and a jet-setting entourage. “I’d like to play a show in the most ridiculously remote location, like Alaska or the rainforest,” Duncan expresses. “Wait, doesn’t that mean not one person would turn up?” the rest of the group question. “Yeah, and it’d be sick!”

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