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February 2021

Band Vs Band: Knuckle Puck and Seaway

Ahead of their UK tour, we made the bands interview each other.
Published: 3:05 pm, March 29, 2016
Band Vs Band: Knuckle Puck and Seaway
Knuckle Puck are set to tour the UK with Seaway. Being old friends, we decided the best people to interview the bands about the run, getting the juicy, juicy gossip and all the ins & outs, were Knuckle Puck and Seaway. Plus, we're busy people. Magazines to make, biscuits to dunk. What could go wrong?

Knuckle Puck

Answering questions from Seaway

What is the longest story John has ever told?
Dude I don't even know.

Why does Kevin always look so sad?
Seaway is literally his least favorite band.

Which member of Knuckle Puck would you swap out for a member of Seaway and why?
Bud Shoji.

Is Joe a spy? If he's good, then is Ryan a spy?
What color is your card?

Who is the most likely to disappear in Amsterdam and why?
Kevin. That twerp got lost in Baltimore on the first tour we did with you guys and the cops had to escort him back to the venue.

You're on a plane with Seaway, heading to the UK to do your first headline tour across the pond. A freak malfunction occurs in the cockpit and the plane goes down in the middle of the Atlantic. Only 10 survivors (Zach Chad and Mellow are both dead RIP). Stranded on a desert island, you must resort to cannibalism to survive. Which member between the two bands would be the first to be sacrificed and why?
I would like to keep PC alive for as long as I could, mainly due to his wit, personality, charm, wondrous looks, hair, fingernails, ear lobes, etc., but the man is just too lean not to eat.

What are the odds you let Seaway write your next LP?
1 out of 2.

Who are your biggest musical influences/what made you guys decide to be a band/where did the name "Knuckle Puck" come from/what would be your dream tour package to be a part of?
Seaway/Seaway/we couldn't name our band Seaway so we named it Knuckle Puck instead/Seaway


Answering questions from Knuckle Puck

What is the worse game of odds that any member of Seaway has lost?
Patrick: I don't know about it being the worst game of odds, but one morning I had to keep a broom between my legs for a couple of hours while I walked around Toronto with some friends while they called me Hermione in front of everyone. How did it make me feel? Not very good, that's for sure.

What is your best/worst memory of that first tour with Knuckle Puck?

Adam: I would say my best and worst memory was watching Nick [Casasanto] win $400 at roulette in Atlantic City. Once he was up, he bought me a bunch of drinks and turned to me and said to me "Dude, think about how sick it will be when I walk into that hotel room with $800!" I then proceeded to watch him lose all his money. He kept saying "Just $200 more man, don't worry I'll get it back!" He ran back and forth from the ATM to the roulette table several times until they froze his bank account. It was like watching a train wreck... Now we pretty much roll dice on a daily basis.

Want to see?

What are the odds PC quits Seaway and moves to Wyoming and starts a slug ranch?

Adam: No need for odds, I just booked his flight and ordered 18,000 slug eggs off Amazon Prime. He'll be pumping out slugs in 2 days.

Why do we tour so much together? It seems like we're running this into the ground, you know? Am I the only one who feels this way? Is anybody even listening to me?

Patrick: I thought it was because we had an unbreakable bond and shared a love so deep that NOBODY could ever get between us NOT OUR FRIENDS NOT OUR FAMILIES it will always just be us ONLY us. You would never leave us right? That isn't something you would do? Haha. Cause I would find you HAHA only kidding I know you will never leave and we'll be touring forever and ever until we are one. United. For all eternity.

What's harder: Andrew's riffs or PC's abs?

Adam: Trick question: it's Mellow's badge. Don't shoot officer! ?

Bud Shoji is honestly so sick. Adam, what's it like being the son of one of the greatest Canadian men to have ever existed?

Adam: Everyone thinks Bud is sooo cool. Let me tell you all a little story from my childhood. When I was a just a lil boi, he actually let me stick a metal fork into an electrical outlet. That shit is seriously whack and probably explains why I still can't tell left from right without looking at my hands and making an "L" with my index finger and thumb. He also listened to Knuckle Puck for the first time and said "Hey this is pretty good, why can't you guys sound like this?" Thanks dad.

Critics have called "Stubborn Love" one of the most heart demolishing, emo-rock-punk songs of this century. What was the writing process like for this god damn masterpiece?

Andrew: Thanks guys. Patrick wrote the opening riff a long time ago and we jammed it on tour a bit, but it was never used. I always really liked it so musically, that was my starting point, and the rest of the song kind of naturally fell in to place around dat riff. Lyrically, it's your basic break-up song about getting out of a relationship that's run its course. More super original content from Seaway here.

What color is your card?

Adam: Honestly, my card is blue. I can't tell if yours is as well but I want to believe you... Straight up, if you think I'm lying, you're a spy. Are you a spy...? Ryan's acting awfully sketchy... OH SHIT, RYAN'S CARD IS RED FOR SURE. TRYING TO PIN THE FAIL ON ME EH? THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT. JOE IS DEFINITELY A SPY AS WELL, LOOK AT HIM SMIRKING OVER THERE. WHY WON'T ANYONE LISTEN TO ME?!?!?! MELLOW IS GOOD, I'M TELLING YOU! HE JUST SWORE ON STRAIGHT EDGE AND HE'S A TERRIBLE LIAR (still a cop though). I don't know about PC, he's probably a spy too. God dammit I hate you all.

Knuckle Puck are touring alongside Seaway (but you should know that by now) and our friends in Boston Manor. The dates for the run are as follows.


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