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February 2022

All Time Low: "It's going to be a blast"

All Time Low have arrived in the UK for a series of shows that not only celebrate their new album 'Last Young Renegade', but the tenth anniversary of 'So Wrong It's Right'. Oh, and they're bringing Creeper along for the ride.
Published: 10:40 am, March 12, 2018
All Time Low: "It's going to be a blast"
All Time Low are gearing up for a string of UK tour dates in honour of their latest record, 'Last Young Renegade'. But this isn't your average tour - they're also playing their first proper record, 'So Wrong It's Right', in full.

"We were a lot more confident after we [played the album] in New Jersey before the holidays," frontman Alex Gaskarth explains. "That's what kicked off and inspired the whole idea. We had Pierce The Veil decide to exit the tour for personal reasons [drummer Mike Fuentes stepped away from the band late last year amid sexual misconduct allegations], and obviously there were a lot of people who were excited for that line-up, really excited to see them.

"When they exited, it was kind of last minute. It was one of those situations where we wanted to keep the tour feeling special, and do something that would still have people just as excited. We had just done those 'SWIR' shows in the States; they went over so well that it became obvious that it's absolutely something that people seem to be very interested in, so let's take that over there."

"We listened to the fans' request for it, for a ten-year show, or a tour or something, and we kind of just took that and ran with it," he continues. "We had a new album coming out; we had a lot of touring planned. We didn't want to do a full tour around 'SWIR', we wanted to focus on the new music and continuing to grow the band, but the whole time we were kind of saying if something makes sense, then we're going to make it happen.

"Those three shows in New Jersey ended up being the exact thing that felt right for that, and from there that stemmed to people saying, please bring the tour to overseas, to the UK and Europe. When this opportunity presented itself, to fill a space of the UK tour, it just became glaringly obvious."

"It's one of the defining records of this band."

The latest record sees the Baltimore quartet at their most diverse, so playing it alongside 'SWIR', one of the defining records of noughties pop punk, is quite a contrast. "I feel it's one of the defining records of this band," Alex agrees. "Obviously we're in a much different place now, we're different people. We're not the kids that wrote that record anymore really, but it's got a place. It's the first full-length we did; it kicked this whole career into something tangible and something that felt like it was going to last.

"Back then we felt like maybe it was going to last for a little while; it's ended up panning out a little longer than that," he laughs. "I'm very fond of that record, and playing those songs live was really, really fun. It reinvigorated us on that old music. Seeing how much it means to some people is the most rewarding part, that some people fell in love with that record, and [the way] its stayed with them the way it has is special."

"There's a song off that record called 'The Beach' which we haven't played in years, that felt cool to play," Alex continues. "I've always loved the energy of that song live, but it was never a single, so as we added more and more albums to our catalogue, it fell by the wayside a little bit. It felt really good to bring that one back. 'Holly (Would You Turn Me On)' was a fun one too, and we've never actually played 'Come One, Come All' live ever, so that one was pretty fun actually to get out and play live."

As for the importance of honouring your previous material, Alex says there's room for both, but it's a tricky balance. "That feels like a bit of a safe answer, but I get it because we're not a band that wants to coast on our past. We don't want to become a band that pays tribute to our first two records; that's something really important to us - not to make the old music the focal point.

"At the same time, we realise these albums came out for a lot of people at a time where they were just discovering what their favourite music was going to be, and I can relate to that. I have those bands. If Green Day did a 'Dookie' tour, or Blink did an 'Enema of The State' tour, it would be important to me. It's finding the balance, and we want to honour it without overdoing it or ignoring the fact this band is still growing, and this band still has songs left to write."

"This year is shaping up to be an exciting one."

Not only are All Time Low supporting themselves on this tour, but they're bringing Creeper out on the road with them. "We did a European tour with them not so long ago," says Alex. "They're great humans, we had a really good time on the road with them. They were a perfect fit for this round of tours especially when our support had to drop off; we were like, who can we get? Who's still available last minute? Luckily they didn't have anything going on at the time, so we got lucky with that. They put on a great live show; it will be an extremely cool way to kick everything off.

"[I'm excited about] the energy of the shows, the UK was one of the first places we got to start headlining arenas and playing these big epic shows with full production. Every time we go away from that I miss it. Now coming back with the new album, it's going to be exciting, people really embraced ['Last Young Renegade'].

"Last time we were in the UK, the record wasn't out. Yeah, we had [single] 'Dirty Laundry' out, but we really haven't been over there to celebrate the new record yet. I'm happy the UK has had a chance to live with the music for a while, it'll be cool going in and having everybody sort of know the songs and the words and sing along."

"The year is young," Alex says about his band's plans for 2018. "We're just sorting out and confirming everything we have coming up, it's shaping up to be an exciting one," he reveals with a grin. "There are a lot of possibilities on the table; there are things we didn't do last year that we should come back and do this year. It's going to be an exciting one; I'm excited to see how it all takes shape, and where we end up in a few months. It's going to be a blast."

All Time Low tour the UK from 12th March. Taken from the March issue of Upset - order your copy below.

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