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July 2020

About to Break: Heavy Rapids

"We're almost at the peak of this rollercoaster, and it's about to take off."
Published: 1:38 pm, May 06, 2019
About to Break: Heavy Rapids

Heavy Rapids is a name you'll be seeing a lot this summer, thanks to live plans that include must-see festival sets at the likes of Live At Leeds this weekend just gone and The Great Escape in a few days, as well as a headline tour already booked in for September. They're also about to drop their debut EP, ‘Cash In Hand’, which arrives next month. It's a busy time for the Scottish up-and-comers - and there's plenty more to come. Vocalist Dillon Squire introduces his band.

Hey Dillon, what are we interrupting?

Hello Upset, I'm in a bath just now. So fingers crossed that I don't drop my phone in it and electrocute myself.

Congrats on your debut EP coming out soon, what can you tell us about it? Has it been in the works for ages and ages?

It's composed of four singles; we believe every track is on the same level. We hope the public will too. We've had these songs for a while; we got held up in some business regarding releasing it. It's been a blessing and a curse having these tracks delayed for release, the blessing being that the next batch is sounding enormous at the pre-production stage already.

Are there any lyrical themes you're particularly drawn to when you write?

We like to write our music with energy and emotion. The lyrics spin-off in a reflective style and target modern day issues, even minor things that annoy us; it's a great way to vent anger.

How do you juggle the writing/recording process, are songwriting duties shared around?
So far there's been no real method to our songwriting. Sometimes one of us will bring a full song to the table, and it instantly clicks. Other times we have worked on a tune for months at practice and slowly built it into the finished article.

"We like to write our music with energy and emotion."
Dillon Squire

How's life for up-and-coming bands in Glasgow at the mo, is there a lot going on?
It's insane. There are new bands popping up constantly, we've got a tight scene, jam-packed with raw talent.

You're playing The Great Escape soon, have you been down to Brighton before? It's lots of fun.

Some have, some haven't. Buzzing to chill on the pebble beach, grab an ice cream and check out new music!

How do you entertain yourselves during long old drives to gigs?

As lame as it sounds, I-spy is always a favourite. Brains tend to go a bit delusional when in a van for that long so the conversations range from the very mundane to reptilian government conspiracy theories and everything in between... I think we could do with a tv and Playstation next tour.

Did you guys go to many festivals before you started playing them yourselves?

I had been to T in the Park a handful of times before we created the band. It was definitely one of the stand out influences growing up which made me begin to dream of getting myself involved in music and joining a band.

Where else can we find you this summer?

You can catch us at loads of festivals around the UK this summer; some highlights being: Live at Leeds, The Great Escape and Y Not. Hoping to poke our heads into Europe at some point too. Keep an eye on our socials for all the dates.

Anything else we should know?

Our EP drops on 7th June with a release on vinyl in the pipeline. We're almost at the peak of this rollercoaster, and it's about to take off. Stay tuned and thanks for chatting with us!

Heavy Rapids play The Great Escape (9th-11th May).


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