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50 amazing things that will happen in 2016: #11-20

Loads of awesome things will happen in the next twelve months. Here’s some of them.

50 amazing things that will happen in 2016: #11-20
50 amazing things that will happen in 2016
PART 2: #11-20


#11: Basement are about to drop an album to believe in

With third album ‘Promise Everything’ on the way, Basement are in high spirits as they’re gathered outside a North London rehearsal room. And why wouldn’t they be? Having just returned from a huge US support-run with The Story So Far, they’re here to rehearse their new material for a rather large upcoming UK tour of their own… Read the full feature here.

panic! at the disco
#12: Panic! at the Disco are ready to reign

Panic! At The Disco gave us this unwritten law to create whatever – no rules – just do whatever the fuck we wanted. It made us feel free,” Brendon Urie reflected at Reading Festival last year. While he may be the only member left, ‘Death of a Bachelor’ isn’t a solo album. It’s a continuation of that freedom… Read the full feature here.

#13: Girls Against are fighting sexually assault at shows

Last year saw a lot of talk about safe spaces, sexual harassment and worse as at least some parts of the scene started to realise they needed to clean up their act. It’s no shock either – with numerous high profile cases of terrible things done by terrible people – any right minded person would want to make our corner of the world a better, and safer place for all.

The truth is, though, there’s a lot of work to be done – and far too many are happy with the status quo. Step forward Girls Against. One of many groups trying to help bring awareness of some pretty shady goings on, these five teenagers had had enough of sexual harassment at shows.

It’s shocking how often groping happens at gigs – or, depressingly for many, really not shocking at all. Encouraging fans to come forward with their stories, opening discussion, increasing awareness and attempting to get the bands to spread the message, 2016 should be the year we all decide to put a stop to this sort of behaviour once and for all. Find them on twitter at @girlsagainst and get involved.

#14: Modern Baseball are ready to hit a home run

Twenty fifteen was a roller coaster for Modern Baseball. Seemingly at the height of their powers, in the summer the band cancelled their UK festival appearances, as well as an Australian tour citing vocalist/guitarist, Brendan Lukens needing to take time out to address some mental health concerns. As the year drew to a close however, they embarked upon a 38 date mega-tour with PUP, Jeff Rosenstock and Tiny Moving Parts. Then, they followed that up with something even more surprising still; an out-of-nowhere, free download release of ‘The Perfect Cast’ EP, which just so happened to be brilliant… Read the full feature here.

#15: The new Deftones album is coming

Deftones’ 2015 was a series of false starts. An album that was originally intended to drop last September, a huge Wembley show that was cancelled following the Paris terror attacks; if they’ve been simmering away waiting to unleash, we can expect something spectacular in 2016.

“[The album] is going to come out in the new year,” the band’s Frank Delgado explained in a recent interview. “We had some dates that were already kind of tentative. The label actually came in and, for the first time ever, they were like, ‘Hey, do you guys wanna just take your time, make it right, and then we’ll release it in the first of the year?’ And we were, like, ‘Wow! Yeah. That sounds great.’”

That Wembley show has been rescheduled to June, and with a Download Festival 2016 appearance to add to the pile, it’s going to be a busy year for Chino and co.

#16: Pierce The Veil will definitely drop a new record

We know new Pierce The Veil is coming. Heck, by the time you read this, it may have already been announced. Label Fearless Records have confirmed the band will release their long anticipated follow up to 2012’s ‘Collide The Sky’ in 2016.

“I think everyone should try and make their new album the definitive one,”  Vic Fuentes told Upset back in August. “I don’t think you should put everything into one album and just be like ‘Hey, this is it for us!’ Just keep changing a little and keep pushing yourself.”

After all the waiting, we’re expecting something spectacular.

#17: Yuck are returning and they sound ace

Remember back to 2011, and you might have fond memories of a brilliant, fuzzy album full of hooks and hidden gems. The band that recorded that self-titled effort, Yuck, may not have had the stellar route to the top that many predicted off the back of it – they since lost a founding member, gained a guitarist and delivered a second album that was good-but-not-quite-as-good – but with album three, ‘Stranger Things’, due in February they’re sounding back on fine form.

“This record is all us,” explains frontman Max Bloom. “It is everything that we owned and everything that we had. It was just a record that was made completely on our terms. I guess that’s why I’m comfortable with the idea of people liking it or even not liking it. If people don’t like it, then it means they just don’t like the band and I can’t force people to like the band. All we can do is make songs that we love…and we’ve done that.“

Lonely The Brave
#18: Handmade 2016 already looks like one of the best small festivals of the year

Festivals aren’t all about huge fields and stages bigger than a jumbo jet. The summer is packed with smaller, carefully crafted events that provide a different but equally brilliant vibe.

Leicester’s Handmade has been building a reputation over the past couple of years as one of the best. Last year they played host to Eagulls, Slaves, God Damn, Future of the Left, Menace Beach and loads more of our faves. This year, we’re teaming up with them to make 2016s edition even bigger and better than ever before.

Already announced are Lonely The Brave, Los Campesinos!, 65daysofstatic, We Are Scientists and Pretty Vicious, with loads (and loads and loads) more names to come. At £30 for a weekend ticket, you can’t afford not to go.

#19: Bring Me The Horizon and a string section sounds tasty

Last year, Bring Me The Horizon laughed at the idea of expectation. As 2016 gets underway, the band continue to pay absolute no attention to The Rules.

The band will be taking to London’s Royal Albert Hall to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust on 22nd April. Not only is the venue alien territory to the band, who’ll be faced with private boxes and tiered seating instead of the endless and expansive circle pits they normally inspire, but Bring Me The Horizon will also be backed by a full orchestra. That’s the sort of move usually reserved for stalwarts like Metallica but, if their reworking of ‘Drown’ for Radio 1 is anything to go by, it’ll be a breathtaking gig and cement BMTH as something very special. The band have also “warned” fans there will be another UK tour, and an appearance at Glastonbury Festival has been mentioned more than once. Bring Me The Horizon have enough spirit to go round.

#20: PUP are embracing their heavy side on album two

PUP exploded into existence in 2013 with their unbelievably brilliant debut self-titled album and caught everyone off-guard. No one could’ve seen their off-kilter brand of punk rock coming and the album was – quite rightly – universally well-received. Now, with a new record on the horizon and a whole lot of eyes and ears pointed in their direction, the Toronto four-piece would be forgiven for feeling the weight of expectation this time around. It’s not external pressure they’re worried about, though… Read the full feature here.

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