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50 amazing things that will happen in 2016: #1-10

Loads of awesome things will happen in the next twelve months. Here’s some of them.

50 amazing things that will happen in 2016: #1-10
50 amazing things that will happen in 2016
PART 1: #1-10


#1: Moose Blood’s second album will send them stratospheric

Moose Blood are set to drop their second album this year. After a debut that started strong and grew stronger, it should send them shooting for the stars. We chatted with the band’s Eddy Brewerton to find out how it was going. Read the full feature here.

#2: Twenty One Pilots will be the perfect Reading & Leeds band

Actual, proper festival bands are few and far between. There are only a handful of acts who feed off drawing attention and using that sense of discovery to amplify their own glorious noise but for Twenty One Pilots, it’s all they know.

We’re calling it now. Their appearance at Reading & Leeds Festival will be brilliant. ‘Blurryface’, an album of struggle and outsider mentality, has elevated the band to dizzying new heights. They’re selling out nights at Brixton Academy and Madison Square Garden with ease and their off-kilter, genre-flexing songs are proper radio hits.

The band have always been known for their live show and now, armed with an audience and those anthems, they can run with it. Twenty One Pilots are at that brilliant point where, even if only their fans turn up, they’ll draw a massive crowd but the excitement around Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph shows no signs of slowing. The curious and the converted will be welcomed to the world of Twenty One Pilots with open arms. From the relentless bounce of ‘Stressed Out’, the emotive soar of ‘Goner’ and the absolute party of ‘Lane Boy’, to all the onstage theatrics and chemistry the duo live by, TOP at Reading & Leeds will be a set to remember.

Eagles of Death Metal
#3: Eagles of Death Metal are Reading & Leeds could get emotional

The tragedy that occurred at the Bataclan and throughout Paris on the evening of 13th November 2015 shocked the world. However, from darkness came a united celebration of the power of music and with it, Eagles of Death Metal became its unofficial figureheads.

The band have already returned to Paris to play live, joining U2 at the AccorHotels Arena, and will be completing their European tour in February. The Nos Amis (French for ‘Our Friends’) Tour includes Reading & Leeds and promises to be powerfully emotional but affirming. The band’s refusal to quit and their desire to try and find light among all the dark is inspiring and should give their live set, already a vessel for joy, a whole other level. “We are proud to stand together, with our new family, now united by a common goal of love and compassion,” said the band in the aftermath. At Reading & Leeds, that love will shine.

Biffy Clyro
#4: Biffy Clyro are on their way back, which is a bloody good job too

As 2016 rolled in, Biffy Clyro played their first live show in over a year. While we’ve been treated to a frankly ridiculous amount of other music in their absence, no one does weird and wonderful pop songs quite like Biffy. We know they’re working on album seven. We know they’ve got a bunch of European festival dates booked in for summer. And we know we can’t wait to have Biffy Clyro back. Here’s why.

#5: Nine Inch Nails will be back. Other stuff too

Trent Reznor has decreed that next year will see new music from Nine Inch Nails. And, y’know, other stuff too. Seriously. He tweeted it and everything: “New NIN in 2016. Other stuff too.”

In an interview last year with Rolling Stone, Reznor talked about new NIN material he was working on: “It’s not for a thing, it’s not a record I’m trying to finish in a month,” he explained. “It’s more just feeling around in the dark and seeing what sounds interesting.”

Youth Man
#6: Youth Man are releasing an EP

Youth Man are the future. After a string of self-released music, the Brummie trio has signed to Venn Records for a new EP, which is due out this spring.

We’ve already heard first cut ‘Pigs’, a gloriously vicious track, and the rest promises to be just as dangerously exciting (or excitingly dangerous, depending on how you look at it.)

Green Day
#7: Green Day want to kill pop punk

That’s what Billie Joe Armstrong tweeted out over the new year. In 2016, he wants to bring the whole genre tumbling down. Or maybe just the fact it’s attached to his band. Who knows? What we are sure of is that Green Day have been working on new material.

#8: letlive. are ready to drop their “best” music yet

‘The Blackest Beautiful’ – released in 2013 – was an ambitious album, and that’s a relatively tame tag for a band who places no value on the word ‘tame’. It saw letlive. build on their breakthrough masterpiece, ‘Fake History’, tempering their already beautifully crafted post-hardcore with influences from soul and rhythm and blues. After the shock of letlive. had dissipated, their ferocity was harnessed and Jason’s lyrics were made more direct; all the while retaining the sense of a very real danger that they present profoundly on stage. letlive. had very quickly become a more cohesive model, surpassing the already high expectations that they had themselves set. How do you even begin to think about writing a follow up to that? Read the full feature to find out.

#9: Deaf Havana are back! Back!! Back!!!

April 2014 must seem like a lifetime ago to the members of Deaf Havana. It saw the band’s ‘Old Souls’ tour culminate in an undeniable triumph at London’s Clapham Grand; performing two sold out dates accompanied by a string quartet, a choir and a band full of beaming gentlemen to match. Just a few months later, to say that the band’s trajectory had performed a 180 would be an understatement. “We were really badly in debt, but we didn’t know because it wasn’t being communicated back to us from various different people that worked for us,” explains frontman James Veck-Gilodi of this turbulent time. “When we finally fired those people, we really found out how bad we were. We were so badly in debt it was horrific.” Read the full feature here.

tonight alive
#10: Tonight Alive will push their limits

Tonight Alive announced new album ‘Limitless’ alongside lead single ‘Human Interaction’ and it heralds a new era for the band. The sonic changes are very in-your-face but beyond the step away from their pop-punk origins, Tonight Alive’s third album seems to come with a new-found confidence and sense of self. Both ‘What Are You So Scared Of?’ and ‘The Other Side’ dealt with struggle and self-acceptance but ‘Limitless’, all epic pop and soaring declarations, is comfortable in its own skin. “We tore away every formula, structure and safety net we knew to embrace a complete unlearning and evolution,” explains vocalist Jenna McDougall.  “This record shares our journey of harnessing personal power and acts as the long awaited answer to the questions of our previous records.” With ‘Limitless’ backing them, Tonight Alive truly are.

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