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50 amazing things that will happen in 2016: #41-50

Loads of awesome things will happen in the next twelve months. Here’s some of them.

50 amazing things that will happen in 2016: #41-50
50 amazing things that will happen in 2016
PART 2: #41-50


#41: Joyce Manor will be back

Joyce Manor will have new material out this year. Exciting, no? The band have been working on the follow-up to 2014’s ‘Never Hungover Again’ and, while they’ve shared absolutely zero details about it, we’re expecting more driving anthems of youthful defiance and a whole heap of their charming, lanky personality.

#42: Marmozets should have something new

Marmozets hit it out of the park in 2014 and 2015. 2016 will see them return with a new album. “We’ve been ready for ages,” Sam Macintyre told us after this year’s Reading Festival. “Almost as soon as the last album was done we were like ‘right, let’s start writing.’ We’ve got a completely different sound. It’s a lot more mature and a lot more together. As you get older your songwriting obviously gets better. That last album, we wrote two years before we released it, so this new one will be four years further ahead. It’s very new and very now.”

#43: We’ll all have Issues

If you’re making a list of bands who will almost certainly have a big year, Issues should be near the top. With an album (probably called ‘Headspace’) due at some point, the band will be heading to the UK in May for both their own tour and appearances at Slam Dunk 2016. They may be one member down, but Issues could be about to explode like never before.

#44: A real, actual Glassjaw album

And then, from nowhere it arrived. Glassjaw dropped new track ‘New White Extremity‘ at the back end of 2015 with a promise it formed part of an album. Given the band haven’t managed to put one of those out since 2002, everyone, rightfully, got rather excited. They hit the UK with Coheed & Cambria at the end of the month. Expect to hear more then.

#45: 30 Seconds To Mars are on their way back, likely as batshit as ever

Fresh from his stint in Hollywood as The Joker, Jared Leto is returing to Thirty Seconds To Mars for more blockbuster rock. We can’t wait to have them back because there’s not another band like them. Their level of self-belief is only matched by the scale of the songs they write and, after a handful of back to basics trips to the woods alongside their Echelon, the band will be eager to return to the spotlight. It’s where they call home.

#46: Architects have nothing to lose

Architects last album ‘Lost Together//Lost Forever’ saw a band fighting, and ultimately winning, to remain in the game. Finally escaping the shadow of ‘The Here And Now’, Architects have gone into album seven with absolutely everything to gain. It feels like the band are on the cusp of something great and we couldn’t be more stoked to see just how far they can take it.

#47: Savages are more rock than they used to be

You might have Savages down as just another arty-punk group, but one listen to ‘The Answer’ – the opening track from their new album ‘Adore Life’ – will put that right. Thundering with a top drawer choice from the big book of riffs, things in the Savages camp just got very interesting indeed.

Lonely The Brave
#48: Lonely The Brave are cooking up album two

Twenty fourteen’s ‘The Day’s War’ established Lonely The Brave as a force to be reckoned with, but with the follow up the Cambridge quintet are aiming even higher.

That debut may have only been released just under a year and a half ago, but they recorded it long before that – having to sit on it for as long as a couple of years. Since then, they’ve evolved as a band and are eager to put that down on record.

“There’s some electronic stuff on there,” says drummer Gavin ‘Mo’ Edgeley, “and some heavy, ballsy rock numbers with a more progressive slant, but at the same time it’s still us. [The progression is] something we could never get rid of if we tried.”

Against Me!
#49: Against Me! will release a new album (if Laura Jane Grace isn’t too busy being a Jedi)

Against Me! have been working on the follow up to ‘True Trans Soul Rebel’ since September last year and spirits are high. Before going into the studio Laura Jane Grace told us that she doesn’t feel the band has reached its full potential yet and that, with the new songs, “It’s about wanting to have fun. I’ve always wanted to have fun but this feels different, not caring what other people fucking think.”

Just as long as the band release the album before Laura gets drafted into Star Wars Episode 8 following some tasty Twitter back and forth, and a subsequent fan campaign. Either way, the force is strong with Against Me!.

Brian Fallon
#50: Brian Fallon is going back to basics

There was a moment, half way through The Gaslight Anthem’s tour for fifth album ‘Get Hurt’, when the band had to make a choice. “The guys came to me and said: ‘So, what are we going to do? Are we going to do another record, or take a breather for a minute?’ They asked me: ‘Do you have any songs?’ and I didn’t have anything. Normally I’d be the one to say ‘okay, this is what we’re gonna do – we’re gonna listen to nothing but The Jam and go from there’, but I had nothing, and it was the first time that had happened.” Read the full feature.

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