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Yuck – Stranger Things

Yuck – Stranger Things


Yuck – Stranger Things

Lo-fi, effortless cool that’s hard to resist.

Label: Mame Records
Released: 26th February 2016

Rating: ★★★★

Anyone who heard Yuck’s gloriously addictive debut album will know that, by rights, the world should have been at their feet during the hazy summer of 2011. And to a degree, it was. A member down, though, and a good follow up never really received the love it deserved. That shouldn’t be the fate that befalls their third full-length,‘Stranger Things’.

From the sunny fuzz of the infectious ‘Only Silence’ to the swirling woozy vibes of ‘As I Walk Away’, Yuck aren’t revolutionaries – but rather a band who, when they hit a certain groove, throw out the sort of lo-fi, effortless cool that it’s hard to resist. With the pressure off and room to work on their own terms, Yuck have become exactly the band they want to be. Stephen Ackroyd

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