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Young Guns – Ones and Zeros

Young Guns – Ones and Zeros


Young Guns – Ones and Zeros

On their third album, Young Guns reach for the stars.

Label: Virgin EMI
Released: 8th June 2015

Rating: ★★★★

The release of ‘Bones’ at the start of 2012 made stars of Young Guns. The title track, a triumphant hammer of self-awareness, captured a band looking up. Now, the Buckinghamshire five-piece are back with an album that sets the stage to ascend.

The assured double-shot of singles that open the album sees Gus and co. head straight for the sky, but while the music soars, the lyrics question the world at large. “My heart can’t shake the feeling they lied to us” comes the buried admission of ‘Rising Up’. ‘Ones and Zeros’ may be searching for binary answers but Young Guns are chasing moments of beauty.

Swelling choruses, sweeping verses and a sense of unanchored dreaming allow the band’s new found sense of confidence to run rampant. Gone is the crunch of guitars and in their place, atmospheric leanings. Stadium-dwarfing vocals pepper the album. From the gravity of ‘Lullaby’ to the U2 baiting ‘Infinity’, Young Guns know they’re “standing on the edge” and with ‘Ones and Zero’ they’re determined to make this a leap of faith, rather than waiting for the push.

From the rugged Latin of ‘Momento Mori’, loosely translated as, ‘We all must die’, they occupy themselves with holding onto the fleeting moments around them and making them last. Covering their bones in rugged flesh, each cut a lesson learnt, these visible trials and obvious hopes see Young Guns risk it all, and they’re a more dominant band because of it. Ali Shutler

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