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Yak – Alas Salvation

Yak – Alas Salvation


Yak – Alas Salvation

Deliciously deranged from start to finish.

Label: Octopus Electrical
Released: 13th May 2016

Rating: ★★★★

Yak’s reputation as one of the most exciting live bands around didn’t come by accident. Utterly unpredictable, reliably ferocious and forever teetering on the edge of chaos, their impulsive nature – frontman Oli Burslem as likely to use a nearby wall to jam his guitar up to as end up atop the braying masses in front – was one unlikely to transfer successfully to tape.

And yet, ‘Alas Salvation’ nails it. Relenting only for (relative) slowies ‘Roll Another’ and ‘Take It’, the trio’s debut is deliciously deranged from start to finish. There are nods to doo-wop (‘Doo Wah’), and psych, via the classic English eccentricity long associated with the same era (‘Smile’). But, like that on-stage fervour, it’s a pulsating beast, all blistering proto-punk and motorik rhythms via a quick nod to the glitchy, grimy guitar sounds most loved by Jack White on the title track.

A cacophonous beast of the very best kind, Yak’s debut doesn’t just deliver on the band’s early promise, it’s, in Oli’s own chanted vocals, “victorious”. Lucy Wells

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