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The Winter Passing – Double Exposure EP

The Winter Passing – Double Exposure EP


The Winter Passing – Double Exposure EP

Short, sharp and sensational.

Label: Big Scary Monsters
Released: 21st April 2017

Rating: ★★★★

Of all the cracking young bands from Ireland’s somewhat undermined alternative scene of recent, The Winter Passing’s ludicrously catchy indie-punk seems to have rung the truest on both sides of the Atlantic. During their multiple runs around the UK in 2016 – whether it was with Moose Blood, Modern Baseball or on their own merits – the young Dubliners emerged out of the peripherals with a promise they’ve finally delivered on with this half-dozen of big hitters.

A substantial development from their 2015 debut ‘A Different Space Of Mind’, the four-piece have struck a much greater balance between dynamic, sprightly flourishes and their impassioned throwbacks to the golden age of emo.

That is certainly evident from the second ‘Paper Rabbit’ hops into your ears – arguably the most infectious opening track you’ll hear all year, it cascades perfectly into the masterclass in writing soul-warming power-pop that is ‘Significance’, driven pleasantly by Kate Flynn’s humming organ work, which doesn’t complement the melodies so much as ties them in a big, alluring bow.

The contrast between Kate and her brother Rob’s vocals is a proposition similar to the marvel of mixing sweet and salted popcorn; it may seem absurd, but the pairing turns out to be deeply satisfying. Rob’s sandpaper-rough tones are evidently bolstered by producer J Robbins (whose extensively back catalogue includes Against Me! and Texas Is The Reason) while the shimmering, saccharine loveliness of Kate’s cooing works to heartbreaking effect on ‘Es•cap•ism’.

This EP’s addictive personality rarely lets up, even when the band segue into broodier territories. A deeply personal record for Rob especially – penned during a professed low point in his life riddled with anxiety – this cathartic release is delivered with a hearty sense of conviction. Short, sharp and sensational, ‘Double Exposure’ is a snapshot of what will hopefully be a turning point in The Winter Passing’s lifetime. Danny Randon

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