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White Lung – Paradise

White Lung – Paradise


White Lung – Paradise

White Lung are a special band indeed.

Label: Domino
Released: 6th May 2016

Rating: ★★★★

“There’s this really stupid attitude punks have where it’s somehow uncool to become a better songwriter,” claims White Lung’s Mish Barber-Way in an interview with St. Vincent’s Annie Clark that accompanied the announcement of ‘Paradise’. If that’s true, then the band are going to have to get ready to take on a few haters pretty damn soon.

An incendiary ten tracks is exactly what we’ve come to expect, but this time around there’s something else. Take ‘Hungry’, the first song from the album to appear online. It’s definitely White Lung, but it’s also bigger – more mature – and in the best way possible. ‘Kiss Me When I Bleed’ wrestles and writhes as ‘Narcoleptic’ sounds anything but.

While the songwriting may have moved on, the energy hasn’t. With sparks and smarts, that’s enough to make White Lung a special band indeed. Stephen Ackroyd

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