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White Denim – Stiff

White Denim – Stiff


White Denim – Stiff

A listening experience that will leave your feet tapping and mind racing.

Label: Downtown / Sony Red
Released: 25th March 2016

Rating: ★★★★

You’ll be hard pressed to find an album that has as much energy and soul as this sixth outing from White Denim. ‘Stiff’ has something special, something that just takes a hold of you and doesn’t let go until you’re on your feet.

From the moment the album kicks in with ‘Had 2 Know (Personal)’ this soul shaking four-piece fail to relent, each track is consistently full of life. Even ‘Take It Easy (Ever After Lasting Love)’ – an ode to love and realising how much one person may mean to you: “I’ve been waiting for someone like you my whole life / I made a few exceptions on some lonely nights / I’m not proud of my mistakes.”

There is absolutely no shortage of riffs, but it’s in the least tacky way possible. Sharply adding to what are already a wealth of rocking numbers, they just accentuate the group’s ability to write songs that are powerful and unstoppable. ‘(I’m The One) Big Big Fun’ is the anomaly on the record, though it’s a palate cleanser rather than sporadic drop. It’s built around a body of percussion and bass in a slow, grooving tempo with minimal lyrical qualities, leading nicely into the last two tracks that resume normal business.

White Denim manage to bring out the soul and life in guitar music: it’s a listening experience that will leave your feet tapping and mind racing. Steven Loftin

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