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Weaves – Wide Open

Weaves – Wide Open


Weaves – Wide Open

Weaves are far ahead of the game.

Weaves - Wide OpenLabel: Memphis Industries
Released: 6th October 2017
Rating: ★★★

Sprightly, euphoric riffs aplenty, Weaves’ second album is a testament to their ability to craft the brightest of guitar pop. Choruses that erupt into melodic chaos, delivering a sweet guaranteed pay off, ‘Wide Open’ is a well-presented follow to last year’s debut.

The sharp turns in the swaggering verses instil an attitude that Weaves aren’t just here for a good time; ‘Motherfucker’ in particular, and ‘Scream’ – which features Canadian throat singer Tanya Tagaq, and at times borders manic – showcase a different side to the band.

Trying to simply pinpoint Weaves as purveyors of solely guitar pop-esque sounds at this point is redundant. While that is what they do best, the experimentation shows they’re far ahead of the game; though it can feel mildly too chaotic and you may find the journey a bit hard to follow. Steven Loftin

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