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Weatherstate – Dumbstruck EP

Weatherstate – Dumbstruck EP


Weatherstate – Dumbstruck EP

Simply the start of something bigger.

Label: Failure By Design Records
Released: 22nd January 2016

Rating: ★★★

In the midst of British bands reviving the vibes of house show-ready slacker-punk, wrapped up in a big fuzzy ball of 90s nostalgia, Bristolian four-piece Weatherstate have approached their third EP with striking tones of post-teen angst, and no sign of lackadaisical songwriting.

While ‘Piss It All Away’ sees the band throw in some unsettling changes of pace throughout, this is music made to be played at breakneck speed with a complete disregard for tightness or technicalities. As a result, the double-barrelled skate-punk opener of ‘Stutter’ and ‘ILL’ blasts a gaping hole through the rest of the EP, leaving the more downbeat tracks to lull in places.

Weatherstate are inevitably faced with the challenge of reaching the bar that has been set so high by their peers, but as many bands have proven recently, EPs like ‘Dumbstruck’ are simply the start of something bigger. Danny Randon

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