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Waterparks – Cluster EP

Waterparks – Cluster EP


Waterparks – Cluster EP

 There’s undoubtedly a potential to make waves.

Label: Easy Life / RED Essential
Released: 27th May 2016

Rating: ★★★

It’s ever so apt for a band like Waterparks, who have been handed the sceptre as fresh princes of the pop punk scene by their managers the Brothers Madden, to not so much dip a toe but take a spritely plunge into a pool of noughties influences.

Not a single track on ‘Cluster’, for better or worse, would sound out of place on some of the decade’s most iconic pop punk records. From the get go, ‘Crave’ dives in with same antagonistic stomp of ‘American Idiot’-era Green Day (aided by none other than guest bassist Mikey Way), before throwing a curveball of Skrillex-esque electro throbs. It creates such a big splash that ‘Territory’ is left to doggy paddle towards the wrong side of power pop, where the choruses are just that bit too saccharine.

That said, this Texan three-piece aren’t quite on the slip-and-slide yet: ‘Mad All The Time’ could have easily been overlooked on the cutting room floor for ‘A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’, while ‘Pink’ gives off the same hip-shaking vibes of Head Automatica’s finest moments.

Inoffensive yet interesting, Waterparks’ debut EP buzzes with boisterous energy. Its five tracks colourfully deviate from identikit pop-punk, and there is undoubtedly a potential to make waves. Danny Randon

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